SAS Services – Adding Value to the Healthcare Sector

Posted by Ari Vivekanadarajah on May 17, 2018

Over the years technology and analytics giant, SAS, has supported and catered to the various needs of organisations across multiple industries. From aviation to insurance to education, and healthcare, SAS services have delivered game-changing insights to many. Data and analytics for any organisation across any segment, irrespective of size, have proven to be a vital[.....]


SAS Software – Fighting Fraud and Money Laundering

Posted by Ari Vivekanadarajah on May 16, 2018

Fraud and money laundering, unfortunately, have evolved into very common and pressing issues. In reaction to this, many governments and regulatory bodies have had no choice but to enforce strict regulations on organisations to mitigate the existence of illicit and illegal activities. Manual operations and inferior software solutions are insufficient to keep up with these[.....]


Unparalleled Insights from SAS Visual Analytics

Posted by Ari Vivekanadarajah on May 14, 2018

When it comes to modern-day analytics, visual insights are key. Businesses and organisations are increasingly relying on data, however, they are also increasingly left with significantly less time to analyse and make decisions with this data. As competitors expedite their processes, failing to keep up can set an organisation back years, which is why many[.....]


Why SAS Data Preparation For Your Organisation?

Posted by Ari Vivekanadarajah on May 11, 2018

As businesses and organisations become increasingly dependent on data and analytics, harnessing the power of all this information is equally important. The problem with this is that many businesses, especially small businesses and organisations, often lack the resources to fully capitalise on their analytics. Recognising the value of a powerful analytics platform is only the[.....]