SAS Hot Fixes and The Importance of Staying On Top Of Them

Posted by Ari Vivekanandarajah on July 16, 2018

As an entity that has dominated the analytics space for many years, a big part of SAS’ success has come directly as a result of the organisation’s attention to detail and constant focus on improving the platform. Over the years, SAS has successfully managed to address user concerns and issues, in addition to constantly pushing[.....]


Analytics headaches that the best SAS services alleviate

Posted by Ari Vivekanandarajah on July 2, 2018

Data and analytics are here to stay – especially when they’re pulled through SAS’ powerful analytics platform and its many partners around the world who provide the best SAS services. Together, SAS and its partners are delivering unprecedented insights in a way we’ve never seen before. This trend is only going to continue. Still, data[.....]


SAS installation services for custom SAS environments

Posted by Ari Vivekanandarajah on June 20, 2018

As a SAS Silver partner and a company that has worked with countless customers from around the world, our SAS installation services have been one of our most sought out services. From helping small organisations kick their analytics off at their infancy to supporting large organisations within the insurance and higher education segments, our team[.....]


SAS software for government and public services

Posted by Ari Vivekanandarajah on June 15, 2018

Far too often, we get caught up in the discourse of placing data and analytics as a tool for businesses and other revenue-generating institutions. While the businesses and the private sector, in general, are valuable components of modern society, one thing we cannot ignore is the value analytics presents to the public sector. This is[.....]