Removing uncertainties in big data applications

big data applications

Big data applications can be used for many public and private operations. While some believe that big data can only be used for specific purposes, they are used in different industries ranging from predicting epidemics outbreak in healthcare to advancing grading systems in education. However, despite their immense value to different industries, there is still […]

Data analytics and the Australian bushfires: How data can help us mitigate climate disasters

Easily among one of the worst climate disasters of the previous decade, the Australian bushfires have already permanently altered our geographical and ecological landscape as well as deeply impacted the socioeconomic fabric of our society. dAs a company that specialises in data analytics and having seen, first-hand, the power of data, we’ve been thinking about […]

Questions you need to consider before starting your data analytics project

data analytics project

To execute a data analytics project, organisations need to balance technical infrastructure with managerial finesse. However, most organisations neglect the managerial aspect of a project, expecting data analytics to solve all their problems with minimal effort. But data analytics is a tool, and like any other tool, it requires experience, focus and discipline to make […]

The benefits of SAS sentiment analysis in business

SAS sentiment analysis

The digital era gave people the means to express themselves. Whether it be Tweets, Facebooks posts or customer reviews, there is a lot of user-generated content that businesses can look into for more information. Furthermore, this user-generated content can be very valuable if used properly. In fact, studies show that customer reviews are twelve times […]

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