The role of predictive analytics in the insurance industry

Predictive analytics in insurance

Apart from the banking industry, insurance is perhaps the most critical sector in an economy. It provides businesses and individuals protection against financial risks and helps the government finance development projects without borrowing high-interest loans from local and foreign banks.  It is no surprise then, that governments encourage citizens to invest in insurance policies, to […]

How does data analytics boost customer loyalty in the insurance industry?

Data analytics and customer loyalty

The world is still in recovery mode amid the evolving global health crisis. Interest rates are lower than ever to encourage loans and investments, however, this has also resulted in minimal returns for paid-in premiums.  The insurance sector is seeing an unprecedented decline in product penetration growth—especially in mature markets. The latest statistics have revealed […]

Cracking down on insurance fraud with SAS Detection and Investigation

SAS Detection and Investigation

The insurance industry is one of the most important industries in an economy-not only does it provide a respite for individuals when they face financial losses, medical expenses, or retirement, but it also helps governments finance development initiatives to keep the economy stable. In addition, insurance payments prevent businesses from bankruptcy and help keep essential […]

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