The secret behind recommendation engines

The power of recommendation engines When you look at some of the biggest companies like Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb, they all have one thing in common: Their ability to use data analytics technology to maximise customer retention and acquisition. At the heart of this strategy is the recommendation engine. You may have seen a recommendation […]

Addressing business challenges and growth with SAS business analytics

SAS business analytics

Growth is certainly a net positive for clients, but along with growth, comes challenges. To remedy their problems, organisations often turn to solutions that optimise their growth or help map out their strategies better. As SAS experts, we need to be ready to provide solutions that can help clients optimise their growth and their problems. […]

Data governance with self-service data analytics – What to look for

Self-service data analytics is great, but it’s not without its hiccups. A client learnt this the hard way after implementing self-service BI in their IT operations without giving much thought to a governance framework. While the company did make some gains, they have also encountered a lot of problems. “Data quality has come under serious […]

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