How predictive data analytics improves natural disaster management

Posted by Ari Vivekanandarajah on December 6, 2018

Predictive data analytics uses powerful algorithm models to analyse past data to predict future trends. If applied correctly, predictive analytics can be used to improve disaster relief efforts, thus reducing the economic impact of natural calamities. For example, experts in the US are combining predictive analytics with satellite imagery to improve warning times for thunderstorms.[.....]


How Public Transport Data Analytics Reduces Congestion in Australia

Posted by Ari Vivekanandarajah on December 3, 2018

Data analytics may be the solution transport planners need to combat traffic. To reduce road congestion, transport planners have to find a way to make people leave their cars at home and use public transport. However, to accomplish this, transport planners have to develop a robust transport ecosystem that maximises traffic flow for thousands of[.....]


Russian roulette with gambling analytics – How the industry has become data-driven

Posted by Michael Dixon on November 27, 2018

Gambling by its very nature has always been a numbers game, where bookmakers live and die by their odds. It’s, therefore, no surprise that the rise of big data has caught the industry’s attention. The ability to harness massive volumes of data to provide real-time insights is having a transformative effect on businesses in this[.....]


What is dark data? Stepping into the light

Posted by Ari Vivekanandarajah on November 21, 2018

Dark data is not as sinister as the name might suggest – comprising immense volumes of unused and unstructured data. This data includes email conversations, customer accounts, customer complaints, raw survey data, knowledge-based articles, meeting minutes, and other information. According to the International Data Corporation, 90% of unstructured data is never analysed. Such data is[.....]