Categorical Feature Encoding in SAS (Bayesian Encoders)

What is Bayesian Encoding? Bayesian Encoding is a type of encoding that takes into account intra-category variation and the target mean when encoding categorical variables. It is a type of targeted encoding that comes with several advantages. For example, Bayesian Encoding requires minimal effort compared to other encoding methods. In this blog post, we talk […]

5 Categorical Feature Encoding Techniques in SAS

What is Categorical Feature Encoding? Categorical variables are usually represented as strings in limited numbers while categorical feature encoding is the process of converting data into a format understandable by machine learning models. The performance of machine models depends on several factors. One factor that determines performance of the models are the methods used to […]

How SAS analytics uses machine learning to power data analysis

sas analytics

Organisations have always trusted SAS analytics platforms to handle large volumes of data and complex functions. Machine learning has been an integral part of SAS platforms and a huge reason why SAS platforms have performed so well (along with deep learning). Machine learning distinguishes itself from other data analytics platforms by its ability to learn […]

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