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We engaged Selerity to provide advice around our SAS licensing and the options available to us to modernise our usage towards a SAS Cloud solution. The Selerity team has been really helpful in providing answers, assistance and better product awareness around SAS and the various cloud options available. I would definitely recommend Selerity, it has been a great collaboration and a great service provided by Selerity.


Paradigm Biopharma

We approached Selerity for licensing of SAS.  Selerity were able to provide quick access to the SAS software we required, and their team is supportive and approachable.

Divya Navuru

Melbourne Business School

Our Melbourne Business School’s Master of Business Analytics program gives students the skills to become stand-out data experts who can fluently speak the language of technology, maths, and business.

We chose Selerity to architect, provision and manage the analytics platform for this program, because they delivered a cost effective yet world-leading analytics platform that can be scaled up and down as required to meet the needs of the program.

Ujwal Kande

Global Fintech

We rely on Selerity for SAS Licensing, Installation and On-Demand Support.  I inherited the relationship, but due to Selerity's great performance, I chose to continue with the relationship. It has been four years and counting as of Sept 2021. Selerity helped us move from on-prem to cloud, thought through a proper architecture and got everything set up for us. After that all we had to do was spend two weekends every year for maintenance work. We have had a smooth operation with our SAS Office Analytics Server, without needing any in-house admins for four years, thanks to the excellent upfront work from Selerity. Michael Dixon is a fantastic technology partner. His knowledge, professionalism and delivery reliability has been nothing but great. If I have to run SAS, I cannot think of anyone better than Selerity.


Western Sydney University

We reached out to Selerity for their SAS enterprise license services. We needed to renew the SAS renewal quote and have it processed in time before the current license expired. We wanted to work with Selerity because they were recommended by SAS. Working with Selerity was great. We were able to get the SAS license renewal done quickly, and because of that, we were able to keep track of invoice payments, new keys and license files. Selerity proved a pleasure to work with because they were very customer-centric in their service, always willing to go above and beyond to help us.

Ansar Ali

University of New South Wales

The team at Selerity are well worth every cent... in fact they actually saved us money with their advice! Selerity worked alongside our IT department, setting up, troubleshooting and configuring our AWS correctly. We always knew the person we were dealing with, they responded to queries extremely quickly, their level of expertise is incredible, and the customer support was way above and beyond our expectations.

Aleksander Alimpijevic

Janssen - Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

I wanted to do a Gompertz distribution analysis and SAS Australia recommended I contact Selerity for the required licenses. Selerity provided IML and SAS/QC licenses. I look forward to working further with you to see what other services you also offer, and look forward to when face-to-face training is available again so I can procure some official SAS classroom training via Selerity.

Anthony Yeo

McCloud Consulting Group

The task was validation of the SAS installation. We do not have such knowledge. Selerity did the original installation. Selerity provided the installation validation documentation, which had been requested during an audit. Yes. I would recommend Selerity. Service has been prompt and more than satisfactory.

Philip McCloud

GVC Australia

We engaged Selerity for On Demand Support at a time that issues arose that brought business critical processes to a halt. Have known Michael Dixon for years from around the SAS traps. Selerity delivered great results, had a solution for the problem and provided prompt action, even outside hours on a weekend. The issue happened again and because of Selerity's documentation we have been able to remedy it ourselves. I would definitely recommend Selerity because of their attention to detail, accessibility and their solution to the problem.

Don Forbes


We were referred to Selerity from SAS for SAS License License renewals. Prompt customer service and assistance (thanks Thasi :)) Most definitely recommend Selerity.

Jordan Piovesana


I reached out to Selerity for SAS Licensing. They helped us to understand pricing for software and number of users via email and then phone. I achieved a good price with the option of acquiring more licensees if required. I would definitely recommend Selerity for anyone with SAS Licensing needs. The account manager was engaging and answered all questions/concerns that I had. Very prompt in responding to enquires.

Mirjana Andonov

Universities Admissions Centre

Selerity provides us with fast support to SAS software and our customised SAS reports. We have been using Selerity for over 10 years with no issues or delays in responding to our needs.

Firaz Osman

Resolutum Global

Were were referred by SAS to contact Selerity for our licensing needs.  I have prior relationship with Cameron/Michael via another company which instilled confidence when SAS proposed Selerity. We haven't achieved any tangible results just yet using SAS, but we did get our SAS licenses sorted out exactly as promised.  Based on my past experience with Selerity, and our current interactions, I would happily recommend Selerity to my network.

Stephan Mynhardt

Bupa Australia

Working with Selerity allows us to focus on our business, rather than being diverted to the technical side of things. We have neither the time nor the skill set to do what the Selerity team does for us. If we had a full-time employee doing this work instead, it would not only cost us more...  I know they wouldn't do it as well as Selerity does! We've been working with Selerity for nearly a decade now because we know we can always count on them to deliver.

Rob Ashmore

Picnic Labs

We needed to understand the best SAS licensing arrangement for our requirements - platform, user base and modules/packages. Selerity were recommended by SAS and we were able to obtain the relevant licensing on the preferred platform at a great price. Selerity took time to understand our use and needs as well as our tech stack to then provide a few different options on how we could deploy SAS and thus pick the ideal one. They also provided great turnaround on issues and good follow up with the original quote process. I would definitely recommend Selerity.

Charles Pollack