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Our Customers


GVC Australia

We engaged Selerity for On Demand Support at a time that issues arose that brought business critical processes to a halt. Have known Michael Dixon for years from around the SAS traps. Selerity delivered great results, had a solution for the problem and provided prompt action, even outside hours on a weekend. The issue happened again and because of Selerity's documentation we have been able to remedy it ourselves. I would definitely recommend Selerity because of their attention to detail, accessibility and their solution to the problem.

Global Fintech

We rely on Selerity for SAS Licensing, Installation and On-Demand Support. I inherited the relationship, but due to Selerity's great performance, I chose to continue with the relationship. It has been four years and counting as of Sept 2021. Selerity helped us move from on-prem to cloud, thought through a proper architecture and got everything set up for us. After that all we had to do was spend two weekends every year for maintenance work. We have had a smooth operation with our SAS Office Analytics Server, without needing any in-house admins for four years, thanks to the excellent upfront work from Selerity. Michael Dixon is a fantastic technology partner. His knowledge, professionalism and delivery reliability has been nothing but great. If I have to run SAS, I cannot think of anyone better than Selerity.

CIO/CDO - Global Fintech

Universities Admissions Centre

Selerity provides us with fast support to SAS software and our customised SAS reports. We have been using Selerity for over 10 years with no issues or delays in responding to our needs.

Firaz Osman - Systems Administrator