Selerity Desktop (Personal)

Easily manage your SAS Analytics Pro desktop experience

SAS Analytics Pro (on Viya) presents a new, modern way to take advantage of analytics from the industry leader - the SAS Institute.  At Selerity we want to make your experience with this new release as easy and streamlined as possible.  With this in mind we are providing a free version of our Selerity Desktop management product to registered members of our site.

Selerity Desktop Studio

Easy Configuration

Configure features such as:

  • what directories on your PC are available within SAS
  • which add-ons should be enabled
  • SAS Studio settings
Selerity Desktop Jupyter


We provide the ability to add a number of additional features to your experience:

  • JupyterLab
  • Python
  • Operational Qualification Test Suite
  • Clinical Standards Toolkit
  • SSH access
  • Batch mode
  • Line mode
Selerity Desktop Examples

Examples Customised For You

Code that you can run right away to show how to take advantage of the add-ons you have enabled:

  • saspy
  • SSH