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As the COVID-19 pandemic is effecting work globally, we have taken steps to ensure that we continue our operations and commitments to our clients, while ensuring the necessary health and safety measures are in place for both our clients and team members.

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A team of SAS and cloud experts, Selerity is a company focused on increasing the overall productivity of organisations that leverage the power of SAS software.

Offering a wide range of services, from SAS Installation to Administration to On-Demand Support Services and several other of their own technologies, Selerity helps organisations gain better insights, quickly and more efficiently. With a dedicated team servicing customers from around the world, our clients benefit from reliable and cost-effective expertise – available anytime, anywhere.

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What our clients have to say

University of New South Wales

The team at Selerity are well worth every cent... in fact they actually saved us money with their advice! Selerity worked alongside our IT department, setting up, troubleshooting and configuring our AWS correctly. We always knew the person we were dealing with, they responded to queries extremely quickly, their level of expertise is incredible, and the customer support was way above and beyond our expectations.

Aleksander Alimpijevic Director, RAPPO

Bupa Australia

Working with Selerity allows us to focus on our business, rather than being diverted to the technical side of things. We have neither the time nor the skill set to do what the Selerity team does for us. If we had a full-time employee doing this work instead, it would not only cost us more... I know they wouldn't do it as well as Selerity does! We've been working with Selerity for nearly a decade now because we know we can always count on them to deliver.

Rob Ashmore Information Delivery Manager

Melbourne Business School

Our Melbourne Business School’s Master of Business Analytics program gives students the skills to become stand-out data experts who can fluently speak the language of technology, maths, and business.

We chose Selerity to architect, provision and manage the analytics platform for this program, because they delivered a cost effective yet world-leading analytics platform that can be scaled up and down as required to meet the needs of the program.

Ujwal Kande Associate Director, Academic

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