Nobody Knows SAS<sup>®</sup> Like Selerity

Nobody Knows SAS® Like Selerity

Selerity are a SAS® Silver Partner and were the first organisation in the world to achieve the Visualisation competency badge from SAS, acknowledging the breadth and depth of our knowledge in this area.

When we install or upgrade a SAS software system we work as a team, in constant contact with each other, forever driving best practice.

Our clients benefit from the combined knowledge of our team of highly-skilled experts, who between them have nearly 70 years of SAS experience.

Why Choose Selerity?

Why Choose Selerity?

Some of the reasons to choose Selerity are:

✔specialised – a dedicated SAS company known as the ‘go-to’ in the industry
✔experience – the highest level of SAS expertise and experience
✔success – a SAS Silver Partner since we were founded in 2009, and recognised by SAS as Visualisation experts
✔fast – cloud hosting and streamlined processes deliver results fast
✔creative & innovative – we constantly develop smart ways to improve insight
✔proactive monitoring – we develop and implement customised monitoring and maintenance methods specifically for SAS
✔backup & recovery – secure 3-tier backup system with recovery processes
✔transparent open information model – our clients know what’s happening and when
✔customised – we tailor your SAS system specifically for your needs
✔global – we can install and manage SAS systems anywhere in the world

About Selerity

About Selerity

Selerity’s roots were planted in September 2009 by Michael Dixon and a team of senior consultants who had all worked for SAS for many years.

Their goal was to give SAS users the means to outsource the provisioning and maintenance of their system to a team of specialists with the skills and experience to deliver a fast and expert solution.

The team knew that SAS users wanted to simply turn on and use their systems knowing they were getting the right insights as quickly as possible. So they developed ways to deliver data insights faster, more reliably and more cost effectively than ever before.

Selerity now have a team of experienced consultants based in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. We service our customers throughout Australia and globally.

If you use SAS and want better leverage from your your data quickly, we can help you. Contact Us