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Looking to license SAS Software? As a SAS Reseller and Gold Partner, Selerity has been working with the SAS Institute for over a decade to ensure organisations are licensed for exactly what they need. Whether you are looking to purchase your first SAS Licence, interested in adding additional Products or need to upgrade to a more powerful Licence, we can help you get the Licence you need.

SAS Reseller

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Please note that to license SAS Software you must enter into a License Agreement with the SAS Institute.  Licensing paperwork between the SAS Institute and the Customer will be facilitated by Selerity, and the decision to offer, and accept, a License to use SAS Software is at the discretion of the SAS Institute.

Our Customers


Western Sydney University

We reached out to Selerity for their SAS enterprise license services. We needed to renew the SAS renewal quote and have it processed in time before the current license expired. We wanted to work with Selerity because they were recommended by SAS. Working with Selerity was great. We were able to get the SAS license renewal done quickly, and because of that, we were able to keep track of invoice payments, new keys and license files. Selerity proved a pleasure to work with because they were very customer-centric in their service, always willing to go above and beyond to help us.


We engaged Selerity to provide advice around our SAS licensing and the options available to us to modernise our usage towards a SAS Cloud solution. The Selerity team has been really helpful in providing answers, assistance and better product awareness around SAS and the various cloud options available. I would definitely recommend Selerity, it has been a great collaboration and a great service provided by Selerity.

Paradigm Biopharma

We approached Selerity for licensing of SAS. Selerity were able to provide quick access to the SAS software we required, and their team is supportive and approachable.

Divya Navuru - Biometrics Manager


We were referred to Selerity from SAS for SAS License License renewals. Prompt customer service and assistance (thanks Thasi :)) Most definitely recommend Selerity.

Jordan Piovesana - SAHMRI

McCloud Consulting Group

The task was validation of the SAS installation. We do not have such knowledge. Selerity did the original installation. Selerity provided the installation validation documentation, which had been requested during an audit. Yes. I would recommend Selerity. Service has been prompt and more than satisfactory.

Philip McCloud - McCloud Consulting Group

Resolutum Global

Were were referred by SAS to contact Selerity for our licensing needs. I have prior relationship with Cameron/Michael via another company which instilled confidence when SAS proposed Selerity. We haven't achieved any tangible results just yet using SAS, but we did get our SAS licenses sorted out exactly as promised. Based on my past experience with Selerity, and our current interactions, I would happily recommend Selerity to my network.

Stephan Mynhardt - Director Biometrics


I reached out to Selerity for SAS Licensing. They helped us to understand pricing for software and number of users via email and then phone. I achieved a good price with the option of acquiring more licensees if required. I would definitely recommend Selerity for anyone with SAS Licensing needs. The account manager was engaging and answered all questions/concerns that I had. Very prompt in responding to enquires.