Navigating these difficult times and staying committed to our SLAs

SAS services - Selerity service level agreement

We are all going through tough times. With the coronavirus pandemic spreading, all of us have been forced to take drastic measures to stay safe. As the situation continues to worsen, Selerity has taken steps to ensure the safety of its employees, while also ensuring that we maintain our SLAs with our clients in Australia and across the world. Our work processes and the infrastructure in place to support staff has allowed us to keep a ‘business as usual’ mentality, while taking into account the health and safety of our team and any individuals we come in contact with.

What are we doing to keep our team safe?

Due to the airborne nature of the virus, Selerity has taken several steps to ensure that its employees work from home, full time. While Selerity has always had a remote work option, we have taken steps to ensure that all our employees continue their work from the safety of their homes.

We have developed systems to ensure that all our employees continue with their work like it is business as usual, such as a secure, virtual environment so that our employees can perform even the most sensitive tasks remotely.

It is important to emphasise that Selerity has always had a culture of remote work. Our employees are used to working either at home or at a venue they are comfortable with (though given the situation, we expect them to stay at home!). Given our long-standing culture of remote work, we have developed the right communication systems to ensure our employees are accountable, honest and most importantly, productive, even if they are kilometres away. Our processes allow us to maintain continuity even during these hard times.

What steps are we taking to maintain SLA obligations to clients?

We understand the importance of keeping all systems up and running, especially with the ongoing crisis as well as actively monitoring our services to ensure we meet our commitments on our SLAs.

Our team has taken several steps to ensure that systems can support the service quality our clients expect. To ensure consistent, timely product delivery, we regularly test our systems to ensure our employees have the server capacity they need to perform their work. Furthermore, we are working to ensure minimal system disruption to ensure consistent product delivery remains even with unexpected surges in workload. We have also invested in security to ensure that sensitive data remains safe – some of our measures include, but are not limited to authorised access and two-step verification.

Stay safe and healthy

We wish you and your family good health and that this crisis is resolved without you and yours caught in the middle. We also wish those who are sick a speedy recovery. But most importantly, we want to thank the thousands of health workers, both here in Australia, and across the world, for their tireless work in containing this virus. I can safely say that their courage and work ethic is a major source of inspiration to everyone on the team.

On behalf of the Selerity team, stay safe and healthy.


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