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Selerity is officially a SAS Gold Partner

Selerity is a certified SAS gold partner.

On behalf of the Selerity team, I am excited to announce that we have attained the gold partner badge as SAS partners. We wish to thank SAS for trusting us with this honour and our hardworking members for making this accolade possible. The gold tier badge opens up a host of exciting new programs and initiatives with SAS. We are incredibly excited about the opportunities that are now possible as SAS gold partners

What is the gold tier for SAS partnership?

Every year, SAS reviews the progress of their partners and grants them a Silver or Gold badge after the review. The badge is awarded based on several factors like revenue and service quality with the gold standard usually given to the best SAS partners, those who have accomplished a high standard for revenue, technical expertise and quality of service.

We are humbled by the level of trust SAS has placed in us, and we look forward to collaborating with them on future projects.

A tribute to the team

I want to give special thanks to the SAS experts and consultants who make up the Selerity team. Our team has been at the beating heart of our success, and I don’t think a Gold badge would have been possible without their hard work and dedication. Our team has been instrumental in providing high-quality service to our customers, as well as successfully launching several projects like Selerity BA and On-Demand support services. The Selerity team has been instrumental in our elevation to Gold partner status, and we would not be here if it weren’t for their skills and dedication.

I also want to thank our management team, Cameron Lawson, Kaylene Dixon and Melissa Jones for playing a huge role in providing the team everything they needed and keeping the company running smoothly. They have been instrumental to Selerity’s success, and I doubt we would be where we need to be without these wonderful people at the helm.

What’s next for Selerity?

Our recent accomplishments open up a host of new options and exciting new possibilities for us. Currently, we are completing our three-part webinar series on recommendation engines, but once we complete the series, we are going to explore exciting new ventures with SAS. As silver-rated partners, we launched Selerity BA to make SAS Business Analytics more accessible and On-Demand support to provide real-time support for SAS users. What we can accomplish as gold partners makes me very excited.

About Selerity

We are a certified SAS Reseller and Gold partner who provides hosting, installation and administration services to SAS users so they can maximise ROI of their SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya platforms.

Beyond the core service offering, we have expanded our range of services to streamline access to SAS business analytics for both businesses and SAS experts. We have also extended cloud-based, real-time maintenance and support services to SAS users around the world.

For more information on our services, be sure to visit our main page.

SAS Partner of the Year 2020 in ANZ

Selerity was voted SAS partner of the year 2020 in ANZ

On behalf of the Selerity team, I am excited to announce that we have been named the SAS Partner of the Year 2020 in ANZ!

We especially want to thank SAS for giving us this award. There are other incredible companies filled with talented and passionate people, and we are delighted that you saw us as worthy of the award.

The SAS Partner of the Year Award

Selerity is the proud recipient of this year’s regional partner of the year award in ANZ because we are deeply committed to our customer’s success. This dedication, combined with our deep knowledge and innovative use of cloud technologies, has allowed us to go that extra mile to ensure our clients get the best support services for their SAS environment.

Selerity and SAS – A decade long collaboration

First established over ten years ago, Selerity has been a certified SAS reseller and silver – certified partner. We helped SAS clients maximise ROI of their analytics platforms through hosting, installation and administration services, more specifically, for the SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya platforms.

Most recently, we have expanded the scope of our service offerings in more flexible, convenient packages to clients’ around the world.

An ode to the team

We would like to thank SAS for giving us this award. But most importantly, I want to thank the Selerity team for making this possible.

I want to thank all the team members for their hard work and commitment. Our team of analysts and engineers have worked tirelessly to deliver the best services to clients around the world. It takes more than just skill to maintain a high standard of service throughout the year. It takes dedication and commitment, making them an integral part of our success.

I also want to thank the management team for their role in this. Cameron Lawson, our Services Manager, whose innovative solutions helped clients iron out the monotonous parts data administration. Kaylene Dixon, Financial Controller and head of Administration, whose hard work ensured that our team had everything they needed to perform their work without interruption. And of course, Melissa Jones, whose invaluable experience has played a huge role in optimising our processes to improve productivity.

What’s next for Selerity?

The ongoing problems with the global pandemic have caused a setback in some of our bigger plans, but as of right now, it’s full steam ahead with normal operations.

Some of our clients have been going through a difficult time due to current circumstances, and we aim to support them as best as we can during the coming months.

We aim to maintain the high standards we have established for ourselves and to keep the trust of our clients and business partners, including SAS.

Once the situation improves, we plan on moving forward with some of our bigger plans to grow our team and expand our range of services.

With our plans in place, I look forward to taking Selerity to new heights of success. Hopefully, we will be a worthy contender for SAS Partner of the year ANZ in 2021!

Navigating these difficult times and staying committed to our SLAs

SAS services - Selerity service level agreement

We are all going through tough times. With the coronavirus pandemic spreading, all of us have been forced to take drastic measures to stay safe. As the situation continues to worsen, Selerity has taken steps to ensure the safety of its employees, while also ensuring that we maintain our SLAs with our clients in Australia and across the world. Our work processes and the infrastructure in place to support staff has allowed us to keep a ‘business as usual’ mentality, while taking into account the health and safety of our team and any individuals we come in contact with.

What are we doing to keep our team safe?

Due to the airborne nature of the virus, Selerity has taken several steps to ensure that its employees work from home, full time. While Selerity has always had a remote work option, we have taken steps to ensure that all our employees continue their work from the safety of their homes.

We have developed systems to ensure that all our employees continue with their work like it is business as usual, such as a secure, virtual environment so that our employees can perform even the most sensitive tasks remotely.

It is important to emphasise that Selerity has always had a culture of remote work. Our employees are used to working either at home or at a venue they are comfortable with (though given the situation, we expect them to stay at home!). Given our long-standing culture of remote work, we have developed the right communication systems to ensure our employees are accountable, honest and most importantly, productive, even if they are kilometres away. Our processes allow us to maintain continuity even during these hard times.

What steps are we taking to maintain SLA obligations to clients?

We understand the importance of keeping all systems up and running, especially with the ongoing crisis as well as actively monitoring our services to ensure we meet our commitments on our SLAs.

Our team has taken several steps to ensure that systems can support the service quality our clients expect. To ensure consistent, timely product delivery, we regularly test our systems to ensure our employees have the server capacity they need to perform their work. Furthermore, we are working to ensure minimal system disruption to ensure consistent product delivery remains even with unexpected surges in workload. We have also invested in security to ensure that sensitive data remains safe – some of our measures include, but are not limited to authorised access and two-step verification.

Stay safe and healthy

We wish you and your family good health and that this crisis is resolved without you and yours caught in the middle. We also wish those who are sick a speedy recovery. But most importantly, we want to thank the thousands of health workers, both here in Australia, and across the world, for their tireless work in containing this virus. I can safely say that their courage and work ethic is a major source of inspiration to everyone on the team.

On behalf of the Selerity team, stay safe and healthy.

Here’s to 10 years! – an introspective look into the past, present and future

10year anniversary for Selerity

The 28th of September is a special day for me and the rest of the Selerity team, for it was on this day, ten years ago, that Selerity first opened its doors to provide much-needed services to companies throughout Australia. As we come upon this momentous occasion, I want to take a moment to reflect on how far we have come as a company, and where we intend to go in the next ten years.

The start of Selerity

Selerity officially opened its doors on 28th September 2009, but it existed as an idea long before that date. Having spent a combined twenty years in Australia’s Department of Social Security and SAS Australia, I came to understand that there was a huge demand for support services for SAS analytics. However, there were not enough teams that could merge technical SAS knowledge with an understanding of Australian business culture. I also had an inkling of where the future was going, and that data was going to be a huge role in our business fortunes. All these reasons lead to the inception of Selerity, ten years ago.

A look back on past success

Selerity has grown in leaps and bounds over the past ten years. When we opened our doors, we only had a team of five people, including myself. Today, on the cusp of our ten-year anniversary, we have a much larger team of SAS consultants and have worked with more than 62 clients in Australia, including some of nation’s finest companies like Bupa, BioGrid and AfterPay. We have accomplished so much in the past 10 years, and I am proud of what we have done so far.

An ode to the team

Of course, I do not want to give the impression that Selerity was my doing alone. Selerity would not be where it is now without the amazing management team who worked tirelessly to bring it to where it is today.

Kaylene Dixon, Selerity’s financial controller and a founding member, has played an instrumental role in customer relationships since day one. She has done a spectacular job, ensuring that our consultants have everything they need to deliver top-tier service to our customers. Kaylene has been instrumental in turning Selerity into a well-oiled machine, and we owe a huge thank you to her for her work.

Cameron Lawson, our services manager, has been the innovative powerhouse of Selerity. I don’t know how he does it, but somehow, he can devise new ideas that help our clients achieve more with their SAS environments. Cameron has been instrumental in developing the smart, innovative solutions that transform our client’s operations for the better.

While a relatively new member of the Selerity team, Melissa Jones, our Support Services Manager, has played an important role in our operations given her vast experience as a senior business analyst with a passion for process improvement and data analysis.

With her incredible experience and expertise in leading optimisation projects, identifying and implementing process improvement and automation, Mel has been invaluable to our team.

I also owe an enormous debt to the partner teams from SAS who work hard to provide our clients with the best products and services possible. Selerity has built a reputation for innovation, creativity and in-depth technical knowledge because of the men and women who work hard, always looking to deliver their best day in and day out.

Looking to the next ten years

Selerity has come a long way since its inception over a decade ago, but when I look to the next ten years, I see a company that will continue to grow and transform into one of the leading voices of analytics in Australia, working with companies in different industries to answer complex problems. I truly believe that with the team and culture we have in place, Selerity will continue to grow over the next ten years. With IoT on the horizon and AI promising to make significant changes, technology will continue to evolve and present us with new challenges. I look forward to meeting them with our fantastic team while taking our offerings to the next level.

Celebrating ten years….

While the future holds exciting prospects, our focus is on 28th September 2019 when Selerity turns 10. Looking back on the decade, I am amazed at what we have witnessed. We have seen the growth of social media as a business tool, a global recession, the proliferation of smartphones, the growing prominence of AI, the return of Star Wars and growing awareness of data analytics! It has been an incredible ten years, and I am grateful for everything that has allowed us to evolve as a company. I hope you share in our success as well. Whatever the future holds us, I am confident that Selerity will meet it, but for now, here’s to ten years!