Why choose SAS healthcare software for health analytics?

SAS healthcare is becoming an essential part of healthcare.

When we think of healthcare, we think of health monitors and doctors in white coats, but we rarely think about data and analytics. Yet hospitals generate a lot of valuable data regularly. In 2018, healthcare organisations generated over 8.41 petabytes of data, which was an explosive growth of 878 per cent compared to 2016, and this number would have grown significantly in the past few years. Given the large volume of medical data these organisations have, it is important to invest in an analytics platform that can analyse data and generate the appropriate outcomes.

But what is the most appropriate health analytics system for healthcare organisations? While there are plenty of great data analytics systems out there, I truly believe that SAS healthcare software is the best choice for hospitals and organisations and by the end of this blog, you will feel the same as well.

Reasons to choose SAS healthcare to process medical data

There are several reasons why SAS healthcare is suited for medical data. Here are just some of the reasons.

Medical data is complex

Medical data is incredibly complex. I am not just referring to the volume (though that is considerable!) but also the structure and variety of data. Medical data draws from different sources like administrative data, clinical data and research data. What this means is that data draws from different sources. Patient records, research reports and MRI scans are just some of the examples of medical data. When you take into account data from medical research, then the volume and complexity balloons even more. The sheer variety of data sources means that healthcare organisations have to draw from both structured and unstructured data for their analysis needs. This is where SAS healthcare analytics comes into play.

The analytics platform is designed specifically for large datasets and can process data at rates most analytics platforms would find difficult to match. In addition to features like AI and cloud computing, the analytics infrastructure is designed in such a way to process big data efficiently. While other solutions can process data, it cannot be done at a rate that matches SAS analytics. By investing in this platform, healthcare organisations can save a lot of time without compromising the immense data volumes of the industry.

Data is sensitive

In addition to being very complex, medical data is incredibly sensitive. Healthcare organisations have to follow the regulations mandated by regulatory agencies like the FDA and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). This is because medical data is incredibly sensitive, containing valuable information for clinical trials and the personal condition of patients. Hence, when processing data healthcare organisations require an analytics platform that can secure the data while breaking down the data to meet objectives. SAS healthcare software comes with the features necessary to secure data. This means healthcare organisations can analyse their data, while also following the stringent regulations that govern data collection and use.

Great technical support

The process of installing, administering and maintaining analytics platforms is not simple. Healthcare organisations, whether they are hospitals or medical research organisations, need to consult specialists to help them properly optimise and administer the platform. While some analytics platforms have a great community of users, they often lack the technical support that SAS healthcare analytics has. In addition to SAS experts who can install and monitor the solution over time. This means healthcare organisations don’t have to worry about maintaining the solution because a team of dedicated SAS experts will optimise their findings, saving a lot of time and effort. SAS experts can ensure that the solution is properly integrated into company systems and optimise the solution so that it generates the most accurate findings possible, without you having to get involved directly. Healthcare organisations can save a lot of time using SAS analytics.

Investing in healthcare analytics

Healthcare analytics can be a huge asset for healthcare organisations provided that they select the right analytics platform. With its ability to process large data volumes and secure sensitive information, SAS healthcare could be the perfect solution for these organisations. Now more than ever, healthcare organisations need to invest in powerful analytics technology to generate the best possible outcomes in the shortest time possible.


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