How video analytics improves security and surveillance

Businesses need software that can monitor the surveillance feed and alert security when something occurs, the software is video analytics.

Video surveillance is a vital part of security because cameras can catch wrongdoers in the act, providing hard evidence for property owners and deterring would-be offenders. However, it’s important to note that video surveillance is not the most efficient part of security. For video surveillance to work, it requires a team of security guards to monitor the video feed day in and day out. Surveying video surveillance footage for hours, on end is not the best way to use somebody’s time. Therefore, businesses need solutions that can monitor the surveillance feed and alert security when something occurs – the best solution is video analytics.

What is video analytics?

Video analytics is software that analyses hours of video footage and alerts personnel when something significant happens. Video analytics works by using a combination of AI, deep learning and data analytics to analyse video footage. The analytics software comes in three forms:

– Inside the camera
– Third-party software

While the formats might be different, the functions are the same. Video analytics software connects to all cameras and starts processing data using edge analytics. Processing data means pruning out parts of the video feed that are not important and sending only relevant footage to the central system. But how does an analytics system decide what is and what is not important? The analytics software distinguishes a normal incident (for example, a person crossing the street) from an abnormal incident using statistical algorithms and deep learning, then pushes out the normal footage, before sending it to a central system.

In the central system, advanced analytics will perform analysis of the footage to make sure only the most important show on security monitors. Some advanced systems can use the camera as IoT sensors and conduct a metadata analysis, to provide additional information. Once the analysis is done, unimportant footage is filtered out, with only the important incidents displayed on the security guard’s footage.

What are some of the features?

Video analytics generates a lot of buzz in the surveillance industry due to functionalities that improve security. Here are a few examples of said functionality.

Tripwire detection: Through security cameras, video analytics can detect if someone crosses over a virtual boundary. Once the detection is noted, an instant alert is sent to security personnel.

People counting: Video analytics counts the number of people in a particular area, which is especially useful in large venues, like sports arenas. If there is a significant volume of foot traffic in one area, then the system can alert security personnel who can moderate the situation.

Motion detection: With the help of video analytics, security can set up zones where motion is not allowed. The zones can be of any size or shape, and if someone enters the zone, security will pick up on it immediately via cameras.

Face Detection: Security cameras can scan someone’s face and compare it against a list of public and private databases.

What are the benefits?

With video analytics, property owners can build a more effective, efficient and active security system. A stark contrast to the previous systems that were inefficient, and far too dependent on the alert levels of a few security personnel. Furthermore, security systems would have far more functionalities with more options to catch intruders, leading to a more comprehensive security system.

The security system can be used for purposes beyond safety. For example, face detection can be used in other areas outside security like retail payments. People counting can be used to identify the most popular attractions in the building, which can be very useful for retail companies looking to improve their floor layout. Overall, video analytics can enhance the functionality of security systems.

Key takeaways

Video analytics has the potential to improve the efficiency, potency and functionality of security systems. The analytics systems do this by taking video streams and analysing the footage, isolating important parts from insignificant bits. Video analytics systems also come with several functionalities like tripwire detection, people counting, and motion detection, which enhances the functionality of the security system. However, it’s important to note that video analytics is not perfect. If the software is installed directly into the camera, then it can be very hard to upgrade the software. Nonetheless, analytics has the potential to enrich security operations with better safety functions, increased efficiency, and enriched functionalities.

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