Keep up with the latest in SAS® software and its multiple uses

Selerity wants to spread the word about the value of data analytics and analytics management. With that in mind, Selerity is hosting several webinars related to data analytics. We cover a wide range of topics including SAS configuration management, optimising the SAS environment and updating your analytics environment.

Our webinars are conducted by two of the most senior professionals at Selerity: Michael Dixon and Cameron Lawson. Both Michael and Cameron have nearly three decades of experience in data analytics and have worked with SAS analytics for several years. Their understanding of analytics covers a range of topics ranging from configuration management to cloud deployment.

Michael and Cameron wish to share their knowledge with you because they believe in the power of analytics and aim to reduce its barrier to entry by making it more accessible to all those who wish to learn about it.

With these webinars, you are not just getting raw, unrefined technical knowledge you can find on any other webinar. You are getting the perspective of two industry veterans who understand how analytics will affect your bottom line, both from a technical and practical standpoint. Few are able to make the connection between the technical aspects of SAS analytics and real-world applications the way Michael and Cameron do.

Click on any of the webinars to get started, it is completely free! Over three decades worth of knowledge is just a click away with no payment gateways standing in your way.

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