Test Drive SAS Hosted Analytics

Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables us to automate the provisioning of a new SAS server for you in minutes, giving you up to 4 hours to try SAS products using your own data – absolutely free.

You will be assigned a login account and private URL to connect to your Test Drive environment (Google Chrome or Firefox recommended). Step-by-step instructions on uploading your data and learning to use the SAS products are available to download while the Test Drive is starting. Your free environment will be disabled at the end of 4 hours. Please contact us if you have a genuine interest in an extended proof of concept.

Want to use SAS on a more permanent basis? We can assist you with licensing the software and have your own server up and running in hours. You don’t even need SAS or AWS administration experience because we can take care of that for you too.

SAS Visual Analytics 7.4

Test Drive SAS Visual Analytics in your own private environment using your own data for up to 4 hours for free powered by Selerity. SAS Visual Analytics provides interactive in memory visualisation, reporting and data discovery through intuitive interfaces that integrate into your existing SAS environments.