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Unparalleled Insights from SAS Visual Analytics

Businesses expedite their processes by leveraging innovative platforms like SAS Visual Analytics - learn more about its capabilities here.

When it comes to modern-day analytics, visual insights are key. Businesses and organisations are increasingly relying on data, however, they are also increasingly left with significantly less time to analyse and make decisions with this data. As competitors expedite their processes, failing to keep up can set an organisation back years, which is why many turn to visual analytics as a means of generating faster and more insightful views of their data. Innovative platforms like SAS Visual Analytics provide organisations with just that.

Decision-makers no longer have the time to scour through pages of documentation to conceptualise existing situations and potential future trends. Additionally, employees who work directly with data are hard-pressed for time, when it comes to assessing the infinite amounts of data coming in. The ability to visualise this data in a few views and develop an understanding of the complete picture is, therefore, extremely invaluable. By leveraging industry-leading software like SAS Visual Analytics, organisations stand to make the most of their analytics – in addition to having the luxury of crisp and extremely insightful visuals.

In the following sections, we run through a few benefits of SAS Visual Analytics and why it is the ideal solution for your organisations. Let’s deep dive by starting off with the value of location data through SAS Visual Analytics.


Accurate location analysis and opportunity identification via SAS Visual Analytics

With many businesses and organisations operating across multiple sites in a given region – around various parts of the world for some – identifying trends and opportunities across each of these locations is essential. With SAS Visual Analytics in place, organisations can quite literally add the “where” to the “what”.

With the system in place, organisations operating multiple sites will have access to a system that does more than just provide generic insights about it. Instead, SAS Visual Analytics would guarantee that a geographical context is added to the analyses and visualizations of an organisation by combining traditional data with location data. Gaining access to the full picture is made much simpler thanks to this because decision-makers now have the ability to identify specific locations and their respective areas of focus. With the complete picture in place, organisational leaders will have minimal impediments against their decision-making processes, in addition to identifying location-specific opportunities.


Identify anomalies and underlying connections – see the big picture!

In many occasions, data and analytics often identify trends and patterns that indicate the direction of a particular organisation’s levels of success. Similarly, anomalies and underlying connections tell their own story too. For one, anomalies indicate potential gaps and cracks within an organisation’s processes that may need to be addressed, while, underlying connections help organisations identify potential opportunities and partnerships. While all this sounds fantastic in a practical sense, when applied to a realistic context, gathering this data, analysing it, pinpointing anomalies, and identifying underlying connections can be extremely difficult. This is especially true if the rights tools aren’t used.

SAS Visual Analytics is one of the right tools. Why? For starters, it lets users visually explore critical drivers, toggle with it, and, hopefully, results in better decision-making. The software allows users to figure out why a particular incident took place, examine all options behind it, and uncover opportunities hidden deep in data. Ultimately, the software leads to engagement and bolstering key relationships.  


Dynamic visuals via SAS Visual Analytics

Naturally, the core component of visual analytics are the visuals. The ability to see, adjust and play around with data in a visual manner contributes heavily to the overall convenience of analytics and data preparations. There simply is no better way to organise data than doing so visually on SAS Visual Analytics.

Reporting and document generation has never been easier, given that users have the ability to create incredibly gorgeous, interactive reports and dashboards. In a matter of seconds, decision-makers and data analysts will be able to summarise key organisational performance metrics, identify trends and opportunities, and (in the spirit of collaboration) share these insights with authorised peers and colleagues via web and mobile devices. Increased levels of collaboration mean that any from high-level Executives to frontline staff can conveniently interact with one another and collaborate on leveraging the various harnessed insights.

The ability to have a software, like SAS Visual Analytics, means that users would also have access to software that is incredibly interactive. This means that changes, adjustments, and views can be done and/or rearranged with limited errors.

As official SAS Resell Partners, SAS Visual Analytics is one of the many SAS software we provide to many of our customers, in addition to our installation, administration, and hosting services. Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to this feed for the latest SAS and analytics-related news!