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How SAS data preparation software can streamline data collection

SAS data preparation

SAS data preparation is a platform that can help optimise several stages in data collection and analysis. Despite its importance in analysis, the preparation of data is often plagued with missteps. In fact, research shows that data analysts spend a significant amount of time preparing data rather than actual analysing it. To reduce the amount of time spent on analysis, data analysts need to adapt a platform that can optimise the process. Analysts can make the process leaner, more efficient, and reduce the cost of data collection by adopting SAS data preparation.

Let us take a deep dive into how the platform works.

Addressing common challenges in SAS data preparation

Analysts can reduce the amount of time spent on data preparation

One reason why data preparation takes a long time is because of data cleaning. It requires a significant amount of time. For most organisations dealing with structured and unstructured data, this can be a nightmare scenario.

However, SAS data preparation can make the process more efficient. The platform comes with several features that optimise data preparation to speed up the process. Prebuilt functions, advanced analytics, data preparation, and data visualisation are all found in the package. The features can optimise data preparation capabilities. This way, analysts spend less time on data preparation and more time on analysis.

Eliminate data duplication processes

Duplicate processes are the bane of any data analyst. Whether they are starting a new project or running updates, analysts often have to repeat certain steps in the data creation process. SAS data preparation can remove some of these duplicate steps. Analysts can use certain resources, like shared work, to remove repeating processes and improve productivity. For example, analysts can save data preparation plans, so they don’t have to start from scratch every few hours.

SAS data preparation allows organisations to reuse preparation technology to improve efficiency.

Collaboration between professionals speeds up the process

Data preparation is as much a project management challenge, as it is a technical one. Data analysts often work with professionals from different backgrounds to get the job done. Working with people with different expertise can be a challenging endeavor. However, when the analyst is a consultant working with an internal IT team, it creates an even steeper learning curve. But, SAS data preparation can make the learning curve smoother.

SAS data preparation works by offering several tools to help ease collaboration between all members of the project. Activity feeds can be set to notify teams about updates. Furthermore, analysts can share tasks and reuse them. This will help optimise processes and boost productivity. The tools can improve collaboration and teamwork, making the overall process easier.

Analysts are more productive when working alone

Data preparation is a process that requires special skills. This often puts a strain on the overall production process. For example, data analysts need to work with the internal IT team to prepare the data for analysis. However, SAS data preparation goes a long way in optimising the process.

The platform removes the need for coding and SQL. Furthermore, the use of a visual interface makes data preparation much easier. It removes the technical barriers required for data preparation. Besides removing complex technical requirements, SAS data preparation neatly integrates into the reporting and analytics pipeline.

The freedom to work autonomously optimises the data preparation process. This is because there are no specialist skills required to prepare data for data analysis. Instead, this allows data analysts to explore data and prepare it as they see fit. They don’t have to depend on specialist skills, which speeds up the process significantly.

Optimising the data preparation process

Data collection and analysis is a pivotal step in the overall process. However, it also takes a significant amount of time, taking time away from analysis. SAS data preparation can optimise the data analysis preparation process by a significant margin.

The platform comes with several features needed to optimise data preparation. Some of these features include data visualisation, automation, and management features, all of which can ease communication between different team members. By using SAS data preparation, both analysts and organisations benefit because they can optimise the process to improve the rate of findings and lower operating costs.