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The value of sentiment analysis using SAS tools

Having trouble looking through customer emotion - SAS tools are able to discern between positive and negative data, learn how here!

With the number of users growing by the day, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be an excellent source of information and insight for organisations. Thousands of users express their thoughts and experiences with brands and products across these platforms daily. What’s shared can vary from simple shoutouts and glowing praise to scathing reviews and snarky comments, as such it’s important to separate the good and the bad to effectively understand and utilise this extremely valuable source of information. SAS tools are able to discern between positive, negative, neutral and unclassified text data, through a combination of linguistic and statistical rules. This categorised sentiment analysis data can be invaluable to an organisation, and here are a few reasons why.

Understanding what your consumers want with sentiment analysis via SAS tools

One of the most pressing challenges for businesses is staying relevant in their consumer’s eye. Often times there can be a considerable gap between what an organisation’s visions are, when compared to the wants of their consumers. Consumer analytics can go a long way in mending that gap, and SAS tools serve as excellent resources for achieving this. With a broader understanding of what consumer sentiments are regarding their brands and products, businesses are able to better keep their finger on the pulse, allowing them to build stronger relationships with their consumers.

SAS tools are also capable of identifying multi-levels taxonomies regarding consumer sentiments towards a product’s features and attributes. Being privy to such a compound amount of data, businesses can make necessary changes to their products and services, and subsequently formulate effective marketing strategies that better address the subtleties of consumer demand.

Monitoring your campaigns and improving their results and overall success

Just as SAS tools can help determine your overall marketing strategies, they can be useful in measuring the continued success of campaigns that businesses launch based on them. Businesses now have the opportunity to identify how a new campaign affects the conversations that involve them. Likewise, they are able to monitor how these opinions develop throughout the campaign’s lifecycle, allowing them to make necessary adjustments on the fly. Naturally, this can be quite beneficial for future campaigns as well. With a comprehensive data bank on what worked and what didn’t previously, businesses can continuously optimise with each new campaign.

SAS tools can result in more accurate lead generation and better conversion

Sentiment analysis offers an interesting insight into consumer psyche. Knowing what excites and engages your consumers is perfect for targeted lead generation campaigns. Businesses can use this to tailor lead-gen campaigns and outreach programs. Using the right visual, copy and platform will ensure better quality leads and in a greater number too. Converting these leads into potential customers will be an easier task too, as your personnel will have a better understanding on how these leads think and what their values are. Additionally, loyal customers who are happy, and even excited by your brand can lead to better referrals, boosting your lead generation potential even further.

Improving customer service through sentiment analysis

As with lead conversion, knowing your consumer’s psyche is instrumental in providing a better customer support service. SAS tools allow you to identify what the main concerns of your consumers are. Not only does this allow businesses to establish proper protocols and provide better training to their support staff, it helps them to rectify the issues and concerns their consumers harbour proactively. All this in tandem allows for businesses to really up their game when it comes to customer service. Thereby, SAS tools help ensure a better customer experience overall – a factor that is expected to soon surpass price as the key product differentiator. Happier customers mean more loyal customers, and there are few things worth more to businesses than strong, loyal bonds with their consumers.

Ultimately, the effective use of sentiment analysis data leads to an increase of a company’s bottom line, with better products, stronger brands and more loyal consumers. Keep in mind however, that all this hinges on having access to accurate sentiment analysis data and utilising it correctly. Due to how important sentiment analysis data can be, trickling through all the way from strategy to execution and optimisation, it is imperative that the right tools and personnel are in place when collecting it. You can learn about all the services Selerity offers that help you utilise SAS tools effectively, right here.