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SAS Partner program – What does it mean to be a partner?


SAS is considered a global leader in analytics and analytics platform provisioning – making it an entity that businesses from countless organisations and a wide array of industries turn to gain the valuable insights needed to catapult them to greater success. With a network spanning hundreds of countries, SAS has the technology and network capable of delivering instant results. To facilitate and embolden this further, SAS leverages a comprehensive SAS partner program that works with local businesses across various countries.

But, what exactly does it mean to be a SAS partner? Let’s first take a look at what the program entails.


What is the SAS partner program?

The SAS partner program was established to build on the analytics giant’s massive network by establishing formidable relationships with leading business and technology organizations across the world. Through the SAS partner program, the organisation has been able to extend its global reach to unprecedented levels by working with some of the best partners – enabling it to drive and share its latest and extremely insights innovations and business solutions.

While SAS partners are organisations and businesses that operate independently, through the SAS partner program, both entities have the opportunity to work together, develop a long-term strategic partnership, and align respective go-to-market initiatives that are dedicated to addressing some of the most pressing challenges businesses face today – solving them in the process.

SAS’ partners from around the world, operating in various industries, have successfully combined their invaluable geographic and domain expertise with SAS’ leading technologies, from Hadoop to High-Performance Computing, and Visual Analytics, to provide SAS customers with unparalleled analytical software expertise. As a SAS partner ourselves, we are proud to have worked with SAS for many years in delivering our clients both here in Australia and other parts of the world with the most comprehensive analytics solutions on the market.

Depending on certain conditions, many SAS partners are able to represent SAS across various channels – either as participants of the Managed Analytic Services Provider (MASP) Program, the Reseller Program, or the SAS OEM (original equipment manufacturer) program. SAS partners are also divided into three core segments – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As SAS partners for many years now, Selerity is proud to hold SAS Silver Partner status.


What does the SAS Silver Partner status entail?

With the right SAS agreements in place, some SAS Silver partners have the ability to resell SAS software licenses, install, administer, and provide hosting services – in addition to providing any additional support services required by customers. SAS Silver partners often comprise of highly experienced personnel who have worked in a wide variety of SAS analytics environments and situations – SAS’ comprehensive vetting and oversight mechanisms ensure that only the best organisations are considered and remain partners.


As a SAS Silver Partner, what services does Selerity provide?

Having worked with SAS for many years, Selerity offers a diverse portfolio of services that have helped numerous businesses and organisations set up and make the most of their analytics platforms.

To begin with, we provide installation services to both large and small companies who are in need of either single server Office Analytics, distributed Visual Analytics, or complex Grid environment. Our team of SAS experts has the insights and knowledge required to install these services – thanks in no small part to our team of experts with multiple years of experience in setting up and implementing SAS for all types and sizes of environments.

Selerity also provides highly insightful SAS administration services at a fraction of what it would cost an organisation to hire and maintain a full-time SAS administrator. This particular service is extremely beneficial to organisations who lack the bandwidth and funds to completely maintain their respective SAS environments with an in-house team of experts.

As founding members of the SAS Cloud Innovation, our team also comprises experts in SAS Hosting – both 9.4 and Viya. Our team embodies the latest and best practices and trends in the industry to help customers take full advantage of their SAS in the cloud. Our clients’ SAS cloud hosting environments are completely integrated with their internal systems and any other cloud environments they leverage.


Our position as SAS Silver partners allows us to provide our clients with a lot of valuable services and benefits, If you would like to know more about the SAS partner program, Selerity, and our work with SAS, in addition to how you can install, administer, and host your organisation’s own SAS environment, feel free to reach out to us or stay tuned to this feed.