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How SAS managed services can help businesses leverage the power of data analytics

SAS managed services

What do mega-corporations like Apple and YouTubers have in common?

Well, both parties use data analytics to make business decisions.

Whether it’s marketing or product development decisions by the $2-Trillion Apple Inc or decisions on content ideas by YouTubers with a few hundred thousand subscribers, data analytics plays a critical part in the decision-making process.

More and more companies are jumping on the analytics bandwagon after realising the benefits offered by data analytics.

Data analytics platforms facilitate this shift to data-backed decisions by offering analytics services that span a large spectrum of real-world applications. According to Statista, analytics platforms facilitate the use of data in market monitoring, manufacturing and much more.

While there are many data analytics platforms, none are more popular than SAS, the data analytics industry leader. Today, organisations both big and small use SAS’ data analytics platform to obtain actionable insights.

Businesses, however, require SAS managed services such as installation, administration and hosting services to leverage the full potential of their analytics. In this post, let’s explore how SAS managed services help organisations optimise their analytics deployment.

SAS installation services

Not all organisations are created equal. The needs and requirements related to data analytics deployment differ, accordingly, across each organisation.

Certain companies may need to deploy their analytics platform on a single server setup. Others might require more expansive deployment setups spanning multiple servers both locally and on the cloud.

A standard SAS installation may not meet your team’s specific requirements. SAS installation services provided by managed service providers, on the other hand, help you meet these varying requirements. These types of Installation services also help you get the best return on your SAS analytics investment by customising your deployment according to your specific requirements.

SAS installation services also give you the benefit of leveraging the services of SAS-qualified industry experts who work with you to meet your analytics needs.

SAS admin services

The effective deployment of a SAS business solution, alone, won’t help you leverage the full power of your SAS analytics platform.

That’s because it needs to be maintained and tested constantly to weed out any issues that may arise as part of your deployment. The resolution of these issues, however, requires extensive knowledge not only of your general SAS platform but your customised deployment as well.

While bigger organisations employ in-house SAS administrations to resolve these issues as they arise, that is not a luxury every organisation can afford. Most entities either don’t have the financial resources or the human resources for a dedicated SAS administrator.

Dedicated SAS admin services eliminate the hassle of managing and maintaining the platform and give you more time to extract actionable insights from your deployment.

SAS admin services act as your point of liaison with SAS, making the update, maintenance, troubleshooting and fixing of your SAS deployment easier and cost-effective.

SAS hosting services

One of the most critical issues facing organisations is the scalability of their analytics infrastructure. Traditional organisations rely on on-site servers to deploy SAS analytics solutions, making it harder to scale as analytics requirements become more complex and expansive.

That’s why many modern organisations are migrating their analytics deployment to cloud-based servers. Migrating your SAS deployment by yourself, though, is not necessarily straightforward as you have to figure out certain prerequisites before moving to the cloud.

With SAS hosting services, you’re free of dealing with technical requirements because SAS experts take care of everything from migrating your data to cloud servers to configuring AWS to meet your requirements.

Leverage SAS managed services to optimise your SAS deployment

SAS has become the leading name in the data analytics industry with its business solutions, which cater to various applications ranging from historical data analytics to preventive analytics.

Leverage the power of SAS with the support of managed services providers who take care of the installation, hosting and administration of your analytics deployment. Make use of these services to optimise your analytics platform today.