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5 compelling reasons to invest in SAS hosting services

SAS hosting services

SAS hosting services can help you maximise ROI on your SAS platform. Managed hosting services are some of the most effective ways to ensure that your SAS platform provides the insights you need on a daily basis. 

SAS platforms are deployed on cloud infrastructure. This means it is highly recommended that you invest in hosting services to optimise SAS platform operations. In this blog post, I explain what you get with SAS hosting services and how these features translate into business benefits. 

What do you get with SAS hosting services?

Analytics hosting services come with key features to ensure that your platform is securely deployed across your environment. With a hosting service, your IT team can work with data infrastructure to deliver greater performance. 

Along with the right infrastructure, your team can work alongside a team of experts that can help you optimise the SAS infrastructure. That way, if your internal IT team is new to SAS, they can work with SAS experts to familiarise themselves with the environment. 

Hosting services also provide a line of communication between you and the SAS team, which can help when you need to resolve a disaster quickly.

How do these services evolve into business benefits?

You might be wondering, what do high-performance infrastructure and access to a team of SAS experts do for your ROI? It generates the following five key benefits.

  1. Hosting services reduce operational costs 

Analytics hosting services can reduce operational costs by a significant margin. Hosting services can reduce reliance on internal resources because it puts less pressure on your staff and computing capabilities. There will also be energy savings because there is no need to install any software or hardware. Finally, SAS hosting can reduce internal cross-charging of IT costs.

  1. Working with SAS experts can reduce incidents of outage risk 

SAS hosting services are deployed across an entire cloud infrastructure. There is a chance that the software can suffer from outage issues, leading to several problems in operating costs and productivity. 

Hosting services can, however, reduce outage incidents. This is because hosting services on the platform are overseen by SAS experts. If there is a problem, they can resolve it quickly. This quick resolution reduces downtime, bringing several benefits in the form of lower operating costs and high-availability SLAs.

  1. Hosting services leads to better performance

SAS hosting can improve performance. Hosting services come with several options, like a tailored alert system, dedicated infrastructure, and optimal hardware sizing. Our SAS experts can configure the optimal hardware for SAS hosted applications. For industries like banking and healthcare, this can be critical because they generate a significant volume of data, which must be assessed in real-time. 

  1. Reduce capital and staff costs 

SAS hosting services allow you to save a significant amount of money, in terms of capital and staff costs. When you invest in hosting services, you can save a significant amount of money by not having to invest in upfront hardware purchases. Analytics hosting services allow users to stabilise technical costs right away. 

There is also the issue of staffing costs. When installing new software, your internal team will be strapped for time. By investing in hosting services, you will also be able to reduce the strain put on your internal team and reduce staffing costs. 

  1. Hosting services can accelerate the rate of deployment

Hosting services can enjoy faster delivery and deployment, accelerating ROI. SAS experts can extend hardware and software capacity to other business areas and departments. Furthermore, SAS hosting gives you access to the latest software releases and can help modernise the analytics platform for the future, improving ROI in the long run.

Invest in analytics hosting services 

SAS platforms can improve productivity and efficiency when it comes to data analysis. However, there is no denying that hosting services can be a huge boon. SAS hosting can help optimise the overall setup to minimise operating costs and maximise ROI in the long run. 

Hosting services can stabilise the platform in the long run and prevent any potential fallout that could occur when you are trying to adopt new software into your network. If you are investing in a new platform, consider hosting services to mitigate operating costs. 

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