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SASGF 2021: Hear about the importance of data analytics from industry experts

SASGF 2021

It’s my pleasure to announce that the SAS Global Forum 2021 is almost here and this year, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before! Selerity is a proud sponsor of the event, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What I’m most excited about is the ensemble of industry experts and celebrity guests. SASGF 2021 will not just feature industry experts from leading companies like Microsoft, AstraZeneca, and P&G, but celebrity guests like Hakeem Oluseyi, Dan Levy, Wolfgang Puck, and Keith Urban too!

Join us virtually in May—from the 18th to the 20th in the Americas, the 19th to the 20th in the Asia Pacific, and the 25th to the 26th in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia!

What is SASGF?

SAS Global Forum is a premier analytics conference that brings together leading experts to discuss the role SAS is playing in improving businesses, the obstacles preventing the widespread adoption of data analytics and other insightful areas of work. 

SASGF 2021 is free and virtual for the second year in a row, and looks to celebrate curiosity in action, which has driven human innovation for millennia. 

What can you expect at SASGF 2021?

This year’s Global Forum will not only focus on how SAS analytics is changing the world but will dive deep into diversity, creativity, music and cooking too.

Personally, I can’t wait to hear what Dan Levy has to say about how creativity can be used as an outlet to overcome obstacles, which is very appropriate for the times we are facing.

I’m also stoked to explore how analytics is helping us take the next step in digital transformation via data-backed decision making. Given the array of sessions available, you’re presented with the latest insights on all things analytics at one virtual event!

Sign up for SASGF 2021!

SASGF 2021 is not only an opportunity for you to explore the latest trends in data analytics, but also schedule one-on-one consultations with leading analytics companies, which is not something you can do every day. 

If you haven’t registered for the event already, I encourage you to sign up before it’s too late. Registration is completely free!

Let’s stay curious and uncover newer and better ways of living and doing business in 2021 🙂