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Discovering the connection between Industry 4.0 and big data analysis

big data analysis

You may have heard the buzzword “Industry 4.0” in tech circles. How it promises to change our economy and restructure the way we live, work, and play. But what is the connection between Industry 4.0 and big data analysis? Big data analytics has a huge role to play in the development of smart technology. Let us explore the connection between Industry 4.0 and big data analysis in more detail.

Big data analytics and Industry 4.0

Analysing data streaming through these devices

When we think of Industry 4.0, we think of IoT, smart sensors, cloud computing, and more sophisticated technology. Big data analysis via analytics platforms play a huge role in the effective use of these technologies.

Technology from Industry 4.0 generates a lot of data, which needs to be analysed to gain value. Analytics platforms can conduct real-time big data analysis on data streaming from Industry 4.0 devices. Without big data analytics, it would be impossible to make sense of the data streaming through these devices.

Incorporate devices better into the production process

Self-service data analytics platforms are becoming more prevalent throughout different industries, and it is having an impact on the way we interact with Industry 4.0 technology. For example, the data generated can be consolidated into bulk with data analytics platforms. Self-service analytics systems can break down data in real-time to find patterns, faults, and visualise findings.

With the ability to analyse data in real-time, organisations can overcome one of the biggest problems related to Industry 4.0 devices: Extracting value from data. Previously, it would have been difficult to utilise Industry 4.0 devices to their full potential because it would have been impossible to collect and analyse data in real-time. However, thanks to the discovery of analytics platforms, the raw data can provide valuable information.

Data derived from Industry 4.0 can generate tremendous value. For example, in the manufacturing industry, big data from machines can yield operating data, process quality, logistics information, and records of manual operations. The information can optimise production processes and make significant gains in operational efficiency.

Organisations can expand production processes

By incorporating big data analysis into the production process, organisations can make better use of Industry 4.0 devices. When that happens, it opens up organisations to new production techniques that were not there before. An excellent example is predictive maintenance. Big data analysis can analyse data in real-time to accelerate the rate of discovery.

Predictive maintenance is an effective cost-saving tool, with most organisations estimating that they can save over $100 million from pre-planned maintenance, compared to organisations that don’t. The use of advanced analytics, big data, and Industry 4.0 devices also pave the way for more advanced production processes, like automation.

Actuators and robots can play a huge role in optimising the production process. However, for them to work effectively, the machines need to be connected to software that can pick up data, interpret it, and in return, feed information back into the system.

Big data analysis allows for the exchange of data between robotics and software, which allows organisations to maximise returns on robotics and make it easier to generate an even higher ROI from the use of robotics and other software designed to automate certain production processes.

Overcoming device shortcomings

One of the biggest problems associated with IoT devices or Industry 4.0 is that they are operating within a diverse ecosystem that generates information in different formats. Given this problem, it is difficult to get devices to communicate with each other properly. However, by investing in platforms for big data analysis, these organisations would have a much easier time carrying out proper analysis, creating greater synergy within the ecosystem, and making it easier to generate sufficient ROI.

Entering a new era with big data analytics

The next decade is going to see significant changes in the way we live and work. As Industry 4.0 advances and becomes a significant part of business operations, we need to adopt the right technology that would allow us to maximise ROI on our analytics platforms. Technology that is conducive to big data analysis will allow organisations to maximise ROI on their analytics platforms.