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How do SAS software services help you future-proof your operations?

SAS software services

Since it first became mainstream, advanced analytics has always been a gamechanger for businesses.

In the last few years, the analytics market has seen considerable growth as brands relied on advanced analytics to ensure the continuity of businesses amidst the fluctuating market changes by capitalising on new market opportunities. 

Thanks to this, today, advanced analytics platforms are nothing new to the business world.

That said, with SAS software services, you get an analytics platform like no other. 

With its integrated suite built for AI-powered analytics, data management and predictive analytics, it brings you a snapshot of the future changes in the market. 

Analytics help you move quickly and decisively amidst these changes, adapting to the fluctuating trends during unpredictable times while navigating the competition simultaneously.

In this post, we take a deep dive into how advanced analytics powered by SAS software services can help you future proof your business.

Uncover insights that would otherwise go unnoticed

With SAS software services, you can access data in any format, including SAS tables, Excel spreadsheets and database files, enabling analysts to manage and manipulate them to get the valuable insights that drive business decisions. 

Once the data is prepared and organised, you can then employ AI-driven analytics tools to look at variables and trends relevant to your industry and predict the growth, drawbacks, or anomalies in them. 

In addition, AI-enabled analytics offered by SAS solutions makes data-retrieval and pattern-identification faster than human operations. 

As the insight generation picks up speed, it also accelerates the designing of insight-driven strategies. This way, analysts and business masterminds can come with targeted decisions faster.

Identify refined customer preferences 

Today, with analytics-enabled segmentation, you can manipulate data to identify more insightful customer information. 

Going beyond the traditional demographic-based segmentation, now you also get segmentation based on data like consumer lifestyle, social values and relationships. 

This information not only reveals current customer preferences but also delivers forecasts about trends in your target audience. The refined preference-based segmentation also lets you perceive your target audience better. 

As a result, businesses can shape and tailor their customer experience by offering what they seek, including one-to-one personalisation. According to recent reports, using AI and advanced analytics to optimise the customer experience has enhanced shopping by 49% and spending by 34%. 

What is more is that companies that optimise the customer experience through analytics outperform their competitors on key performance metrics, including profit, sales, sales or ROI.

Prepare to face and overcome future challenges

Strategists and decision-makers often come up with business ideas and initiatives to expand the business but deciding if these ideas will work or bring the expected results is a challenging process. 

This is where businesses can join human intellect with analytics empowered by artificial intelligence

With advanced analytics tools such as SAS, you can enhance your risk sensing capabilities, which can help you evaluate the risk/reward ratio of ideas for new ventures.

Moreover, AI-driven analytics can even help you extrapolate data to formulate strategies to mitigate risks of these business opportunities, helping you capitalise on opportunities with a workable contingency plan to tackle potential risks.

Prepare for the future with SAS software services 

SAS software services provide an integrated platform with easily accessible tools to predict future market trends, understand consumer behaviour and make decisions that allow you to reach your future goals. 

At Selerity, our advanced analytics desktop can also improve your competitive advantage, maximise the ROI and enable the continuity of your organisation. 

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