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Why SAS business solutions are the top choice for data science and analytics

SAS business solutions

Technology is developing at a breakneck pace, and analytics is no exception. While SAS business solutions are still the leading analytics platform for most major organisations, other languages have started to make significant inroads into the market, as well. However, there is no denying that SAS is still the preferred choice for most organisations. In our latest blog post, we explore why SAS software is still one of the leading platforms in the analytics industry, despite fierce competition.

What are SAS data analytics?

SAS, previously known as the Statistical Analysis System, is a platform developed by the SAS Institute for data management, advanced analytics, business intelligence and predictive analytics. 

Using a combination of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, SAS data analytics solutions can collect and analyse vast amounts of data to provide actionable results which can be leveraged to get better insights into business operations and refine strategies to accomplish business goals.

Why SAS business solutions remain the top choice for organisations

It is more than a programing language

First, it is important to keep in mind that SAS software is more than just a programming language. It is a data analysis framework that comes with a GUI. When installed, there is a lot of functionality on offer, like report writing, data retrieval, and operations research.

This provides incredible value for organisations that are looking for cost-effective ways to complete several data collection and analysis functions. SAS delivers incredible value to organisations by creating a more efficient data analysis process.

SAS applications are still valuable

Despite the growth in popularity of other programming languages, SAS remains prominent because it is still a highly sought after platform. Several prominent business surveys have reported that SAS business solutions are still highly valued amongst organistions, especially those operating in healthcare, finance, and public service.

Furthermore, research also shows that several data analytics professionals above a certain tenure prefer SAS over other progamming languages.

SAS offers better data handling capabilities

Given the growing volume of data, organisations are looking for platforms that can process it efficiently. This is where SAS platforms offer tremendous value over other programming languages.

SAS business solutions are designed to handle large volumes of data. Considering that most organisations are generating big data, a platform specifically optimised to process it would reap huge benefits for the organisation.

SAS works with the latest technology

Organisations are looking to incorporate the latest technology into their operations. Technology, like cloud computing and IoT devices, are playing more prominent roles in business operations as organisations look for ways to reduce expenses. SAS business solutions are perfectly suited for this because it works seamlessly with cloud and IoT devices.

SAS is offering several cloud-based products, like SAS Cloud, allowing organisations to cut operation costs and generate insights at a faster rate. Furthermore, SAS and Microsoft have also partnered to bring more cloud-based SAS industry solutions to its customers.

SAS is easy to learn

While open-source languages have their advantages, in terms of accessibility, it does not mean that SAS software is a slouch in that department either. In addition to its GUI, SAS applications provide PROC SQL, making it more accessible to anyone familiar with SQL. Furthermore, there are several certifications and training courses on offer to help potential analysts become more familiar with the language.

SAS is constantly being updated

One of the main benefits of open-source languages is that it is easy to expand its capabilities. However, SAS receives regular updates as well. Even though it’s not open-source, SAS is updated to expand functionality, making it easier to keep up with industry and client demands.

Furthermore, SAS products are tailoured to address industry specific problems. For example, SAS has developed a solution to aid the fight against the spread of COVID-19. The model helps optimise operations vital for curtailing the spread of the virus, like critical response and medical resource management.

What can SAS do to pave the way for the future?

Despite fierce competition, SAS remains one of the leading firms for data analytics software. However, there is no denying that there are some issues SAS can address. For example, one of the biggest complaints is the cost of investing in SAS. While some third-party solutions make SAS analytics more accessible, SAS would do well to assess the appeal of open-source technology and see how they can incorporate some of those benefits into their product offering.

The data analytics industry is constantly evolving. This inevitably means new alternatives entering the industry. However, SAS has been an industry leader for over thirty years because of its ability to adapt to meet changing expectations. While there is no denying that SAS business solutions need to evolve, they remain relevant in the data science and analytics industry.