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What’s the future of business intelligence with augmented analytics?

augmented analytics

Business intelligence tools are a game-changer for businesses across industries, as it allows them to reach higher, further and faster in their industry. Augmented intelligence is one of the latest trends in this area that supplements the operations within BI platforms. 

Augmented analytics integrates technology like machine learning, text mining, artificial intelligence, natural language generation (NLG), natural language processing and automated data processing into business intelligence platforms, improving and substituting the work of data analysts, 

With this latest technology, businesses can streamline their data analytics processes and gain accurate insights faster and more efficiently.

How is augmented intelligence changing the business world?

While artificial intelligence and machine learning have been in use for several years, augmented intelligence enhances the capabilities of these technologies, helping you facilitate growth and generate revenue. 

Machine learning, for example, improves the data preparation process by eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks like cleaning and filtering data and speeding up data retrieval, allowing you to make data-backed decisions faster. 

Moreover, by removing technical barriers, augmented analytics makes data more accessible to employees across departments, which may otherwise require IT expertise or mature data management skills to leverage.

With augmented intelligence, you can leverage ML to comprehend complex data about your industry and organisation and identify patterns in user preferences, allowing you to deliver a personalised customer experience.

Using machine learning and natural language generation lets you automate data analysis and deliver better insights and findings to decision makers.

In addition, Natural Language Processing allows you to interactively manage data with the help of text-based and voice-enabled technologies. 

NLG takes this a step further by delivering interactive alerts and insights about business performance.

What does this mean for the future of your business?

  • Faster operations with accelerated insights

The backbone of strategic business decisions is data-driven insights. 

By integrating augmented analytics into BI platforms, you can improve data accessibility, helping you provide relevant data to the right person at the right time in an understandable manner to support the decision-making process.

Also, the whole process can streamline the data analytics pipeline and accelerate the data analytics process. With less time spent on finding and analysing data, analysts can focus more on strategic tasks and less on tedious and repetitive tasks. 

  • Make business decisions based on accurate, unbiased insights

While analysts are highly trained and skilled professionals, they can be limited by personal opinions. 

In contrast, machine learning, supplemented by the latest BI tools operates with minimal human interferences, making it highly unlikely for the algorithms to be affected by human biases. 

These augmented analytics tools deliver unbiased insights, giving you a complete picture of the market situation. Using these insights, you can make informed decisions that are not influenced by confirmation bias.

  • Highly efficient automated operations

Automating operational tasks like data preparation, data discovery, and statistical analyses can improve efficiency in repetitive operations that need highly specialised skills.

Automation also makes insights that would otherwise necessitate a large time and energy from your technical team accessible and visible to your analysts. 

With automated insights more comprehensively delivered to BI users than ever before, you can assess your business performance, identify opportunities, and understand how your brand competes in the marketplace. 

Augmented analytics: the next big leap in data analytics

Augment analytics is now a favourite tool of businesses due to its capacity to democratise analysis and simplify the job for your team. 

Today, business revenue is driven by quick and efficient analytics. It can help your company move forward amidst the competition. 

Your team can work with more up-to-date and relevant insights without having to go through the traditional drawn-out procedure to gain answers needed for strategising. 

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