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Looking to make SAS analytics more accessible? We have a powerful platform that will give you access to SAS analytics whenever and wherever you need it.

What is Selerity BA?

Having worked with SAS analytics users and businesses for many years, one common pain-point and complaint we heard was how cumbersome, expensive and rigid installation and setup of SAS was. The good news?

Gone are the days you needed to go through complex integrations and installations. Together with our long-term partners, we have built our very own cloud platform geared towards providing users and data scientists access to valuable SAS insights on the go - no matter where you are, no matter when you need it.

With simplicity and slashing complexity at the forefront of our minds, we've bundled together Selerity BA and have tailored it specifically to users who need access to core SAS functionality with relative ease.

What we have to offer?

Centralised access to a bundle guaranteed to bolster convenience.

We've bundled the powerful capabilities of SAS Software into an easy-to-access cloud solution.

Eliminate the need for expensive specialists and coders.

Users of the platform can easily access and integrate a wide range of data sources into analytics and reporting, minus the, often expensive, expertise of in-house coders and data specialists.

Understand and share through dynamic visuals.

Create interactive reports and dashboards by easily querying multiple data sources and points of information - conveniently share the results via the web or mobile devices.

Drive business results with data-backed insights.

All business users can leverage our platform's vast and easy-to-use predictive analytics capabilities to make better, data-driven decisions without any hefty or extensive programming requirements.

See the full picture and connect everything.

A single application that all users, across multiple functions and departments, can leverage for data preparation, exploration, expansive reporting and exploration. All via one central portal.

SAS business analytics - Selerity BA Jupiter Logo

You will also obtain access to Project Jupyter, an open source platform for coding.

Benefits of Selerity BA 

Eliminate silos in data preparation, exploration and reporting on analytics with just a single application.

Automate data preparation  

Want to spend more time analysing data and less time cleaning it? Integrate automated data preparation into your analytics pipeline using our self-service, interactive and easy-to-use interface by incorporating GUI elements. Use the platform to reuse, schedule and monitor jobs or access data lineage using network diagrams. 

SAS Business Analytics - Selerity BA Automated Analysis
SAS Business Analytics - Selerity BA Data Access Clean Shape

Easier and more secure data access

Want to support business decisions with consistent, accurate and complete data? Selerity BA provides direct, secure access to data from more than 60 different sources through safe, direct methods complete with integration standards and native interfaces. 

Works all day, everyday

Selerity BA works around the clock, 24 hours a day, without interruption - well-suited for organisations with teams across the world. 

If you need regular access, the Selerity BA is the game-changing solution you've been looking for.  

SAS Business Analytics - Selerity BA Interactive Reporting And Analytics
SAS Business Analytics - Selerity BA Microsoft Excel Integration

Approachable self-service analytics

Want to make analytics more accessible?

Selerity BA features self-service capabilities. The solution performs text analysis, scenario analysis, forecasting and decision trees without any coding required.

Flexible deployment options

Looking for a solution that evolves with your business?

Selerity BA offers deployment options for both cloud and on-site options so that it continues to work with your current and future infrastructure.

SAS Business Analytics - Selerity BA Data Mining And Machine Learning Neural Network

What does it cost?
Flexibility is a big part of convenience, which is what we've aimed to provide in our pricing.





Selerity BA Programming environment for up to 5 users.

  • 1 user license included.
  • Additional licenses are US$165/month per user.
  • Additional licenses are US$1,650/year per user, with two months free of charge.




Selerity BA environment for up to 10 users.

  • 1 user license included.
  • Additional licenses are US$165/month per user.
  • Additional licenses are US$1,650/year per user, with two months free of charge.




Selerity BA environment for up to 15 users.

  • 1 user license included.
  • Additional licenses are US$165/month per user.
  • Additional licenses are US$1,650/year per user, with two months free of charge.

*Please note that additional custom options are available - get in touch to discuss your needs

We are a SAS Gold Partner and a certified reseller of SAS products.

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