SAS Viya Cloud Hosting Services - SMP

Are you looking for the right team for SAS Viya hosting services? Selerity is the best choice for you!

With our experienced SAS engineers, understanding of the needs of Australian businesses along with our sophisticated infrastructure, Selerity is the best choice for SAS Viya installation services.

We will use our knowledge, combined with our technical expertise to deliver a custom hosting plan for your SAS Viya setup, perfectly suited for your business needs.

Proper hosting service is crucial for your business for it ensures that data delivery speeds are quick and responsive, data is secure and critical services are guaranteed to work around the clock. Without proper hosting, you will not realise the potential benefits of your data analytics solution or protect your proprietary information.

Whether you choose to work in a cloud environment or in an on-premise database, Selerity is the perfect choice for you.


Great for getting started




  • 8 vCPUs (4 SAS Cores)
  • 61GiB RAM
  • Linux Operating System
  • 500GB Data Volume
  • 1.9TB Temporary/Work Volume
  • Daily Backup/14 day retention

For faster insights




  • 32 vCPUs (16 SAS Cores)
  • 244GiB RAM
  • Linux Operating System
  • 1TB Data Volume
  • 7.6TB Temporary/Work Volume
  • Daily Backup/14 day retention

* Prices are in United States Dollars and exclusive of GST.