SAS® Hosting

Our global team of experienced SAS and AWS experts provide you with all the infrastructure and support needed for your SAS environment.
Plan – Architect – Host – Portal – Integrate

5 steps to success


Plan your usage

We work with you to understand your needs and intended usage of SAS.

We discuss your plans for the future so we can tailor a solution that allows you to achieve the most from your SAS investment.


Architect for the Cloud

Our certified specialists will architect your environment using best practices from SAS and AWS.


Worry free Infrastructure

We are the experts in running SAS in the cloud.

Selerity are a founding member of the SAS Cloud Innovation Council, formed in 2014 around best practices and trends to help customers take full advantage of SAS in the cloud


Custom portal

We aim to provide transparency into how we manage and maintain your environment, with all actions tracked and available for you to view.

We also provide secure access to our online Selerity Helpdesk and a Knowledge Base customised for your environment.


Integrate with your existing systems and data

Your Cloud SAS environment does not need to be isolated from your internal systems, or from other Cloud environments you may have.

We can integrate your Cloud SAS environment with existing systems such as:

  • On-premise or cloud-based Active Directory for user authentication
  • On-premise or cloud-based databases

This complimentary service allows you to check how up to date your SAS software environment is and what hot fixes are available.

Analyse your software now.

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