SAS for State Organisations

State organisations lose $250 billion in productivity every year due to red tape - what's the ideal solution to this problem?

The Importance Of Analytics For State Organisations

Bureaucracy is a huge problem for state organisations. Over $250 billion dollars in productivity are lost because of excessive red tape that makes for rigid, inflexible and inefficient processes.

 SAS analytics analyses and shares data across state departments breaking down silos that keep sections separate. Sharing information creates a responsive, dynamic organisation eliminating red tape across the board. With Selerity and SAS, state organisations can make productivity gains and improve services.

SAS Features

Fraud and Improper Payments

Detect fraud payments before the transaction takes place.

Public Healthcare

Uncover irregularities in treatment and medication expenses.

Citizen Intelligence

Better understanding of public sentiment for smarter policies   

Homeland Security

Secure, collect and spread intelligence across different departments.

Local Government

Strengthen infrastructure, communication, research and development.

Better Resource Allocation

Smarter use of current resources due to superior insights.

Why Choose Selerity?

If you need your SAS environment to produce insights faster with streamlined processes and transparent sharing models, then you need SAS experts who know the product inside and out and can use creative, innovative and effective solutions to optimise your environment. 

Selerity is the leading SAS consultant - our team of SAS experts has over two decades of experience in SAS analytics and can optimise your SAS environment to meet goals.

Selerity for SAS

Selerity rated  competencies in Data Management, Data Visualisation and Analytics in SAS platforms.

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