SAS® 9.4 Installation Services

Deploy your SAS environment efficiently and optimally with our SAS 9.4 installation services

You can have the best analytics environment and robust hosting service, but without the foundations of a properly executed deployment, you could be missing out on making the most of SAS 9.4 environment.

This is where our SAS 9.4 installation services can benefit you. Our experienced team of SAS deployment specialists can develop and execute a deployment plan to ensure you maximise your investment in SAS.

Whether you are a small company or a massive corporation, Selerity can provide a custom deployment and installation strategy that suits you.

Our experience also gives you the flexibility you need to onboard your systems to the cloud. We can provide strategic advice, custom planning options and more to ensure you get the services you need to be up and running and making the most of SAS 9.4.

Services tailored to your unique needs

Whether you need single server Office Analytics, distributed Visual Analytics or a complex grid environment, we've got you covered.

Big or small, your business gets the best

We take great pride in serving businesses across a diverse range of industries and of varying sizes. If you have a requirement, we have a solution.

Choose a remote, on-site or custom solution

We have many years of experience in designing and deploying SAS for all types of environments - you choose based on what works best.


Anywhere, anytime!



  • Pre-installation Checklist
  • SAS Software Installation
  • SAS Lev1 Configuration
  • Initial Environment Tuning 
  • Validation and Install Documentation
  • Secure online Knowledge Base
  • Available Globally

Need a custom install?



  • Architecture
  • Checklists
  • Installation
  • Confiuguration
  • Tuning

Prices are in Australian Dollars and exclusive of GST.