SAS 9.4 Cloud Hosting Services – SMP

Maintain a secure, responsive analytics platform with

SAS Hosting Services

Administering your SAS environment is only half the battle. Without a secure hosting environment, you will struggle with data delivery, accessing critical services and security.

With a proper hosting environment, data management is more efficient, information is more secure and critical services will work 24x7.

As a Silver Partner of SAS, Selerity is uniquely positioned to integrate your systems into the ideal environment with no complications.

Choose between a cloud environment or an on-premise database. No matter your choice, the environment comes with an Active Directory for user authentication to create a secure environment.

Our hosting services will provide you with a fully managed, stable infrastructure for your SAS environment.

Integrate your cloud environment

Your cloud hosting environment does not need to be separate from your existing systems - we help you integrate your systems with no complications.

We are founding members of the CIC

As a founding member of the SAS Cloud Innovation Council, we are committed to driving best practices and trends to help customers make full use of SAS.

Opt for on-premise or cloud-based databases

Integrate your environment with on-premise or cloud-based Active Directory for user authentication or on-premise or cloud-based databases.


Great for small teams




  • 8 vCPUs (4 SAS Cores)
  • 61GiB RAM
  • Linux Operating System
  • 200GB Data Volume
  • 1.9TB Temporary/Work Volume
  • 1 x Virtual Windows Desktop
  • Daily Backup/14 day retention


Fast and great for enterprise




  • 32 vCPUs (16 SAS Cores)
  • 244GiB RAM
  • Linux Operating System
  • 400GB Data Volume
  • 7.6TB Temporary/Work Volume
  • 1 x Virtual Windows Desktop
  • Daily Backup/14 day retention

* Prices are in United States Dollars and exclusive of GST.