Leverage powerful data analytics technology with the Data Science Starter Pack

Looking for powerful but accessible data analytics technology?

The Data Science Starter Pack allows you to combine the power of SAS Visual Statistics with SAS Visual Analytics, so you can leverage powerful analytics through an accessible interface to generate detailed insights effortlessly.

What is the Data Science Starter Pack?

The Data Science Starter Pack combines deep, actionable insights with user convenience by bringing together two SAS products - SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics.

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics brings significant improvements to data analysis by making it more accessible to non-technical people through a variety of features like interactive dashboards, self-service data preparation and smart visualisations.

SAS Visual Statistics

SAS Visual Statistics streamlines the creation of data-creation models through features like in-memory processing and a drag-and-drop interface, so you can conjure data models quickly and efficiently.

Why use the Data Science Starter Pack?

From data preparation to interactive reporting, the pack comes with all the features you need to complete data analysis more efficiently.

The Data Science Starter Pack also opens up data analysis to different people with different needs. Whether you are a reporting analyst, a citizen data scientist or a business sponsor trying to understand insights, the Starter Pack makes analytics more accessible to different people with different needs.

Turn data analysis into a more efficient, collaborative process with the Data Science Starter Pack!

Key features

Enable statistic models with a drag-and-drop interface 

Process huge data volumes using in-memory processing

Understand how complex data is connected at a glance

Provide different APIs for open-source programmers

Identify the hottest topics and sentiments with text analytics

Explore the links between variables using an interactive dashboard

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