Data Lakes – The key to streamlining the SAS analytics pipeline

data lakes

Data lakes are the key to streamlining the SAS analytics pipeline. The volume of data industries collect has grown exponentially, but along with that growth comes several challenges, in regards to processing in the analytics pipeline. It hinders performance and slows down production cycles, in turn, hindering the rate of innovation. While SAS platforms are […]

The impact of self-service analytics on the industry

Self-service analytics

Self-service analytics is going to change the entire analytics industry. Even though this version of analytics is not as powerful as other analytical platforms, self-service is going to transform the industry with the value it brings to organisations. Self-service in analytics is possible because of the rise and convergence of several technologies, like AI, big […]

What data analytics can do for smart city development

what data analytics

Growing awareness on environmental sustainability, carbon emissions and a host of other factors is making governments realise the importance of building people-centred cities, i.e. cities built for the convenience of citizens, instead of vehicles and (dare I say), corporations. These ‘smart cities’ are said to be part of a future trend in urban design and […]

The role of analytics tools in creative media industries

analytics tools

We’re at a really interesting place with creative media industries right now; increased dynamism, growing competition and ever-dwindling consumer attention spans are starting to pose considerable challenges to businesses. Certain creative media industries have found themselves to be in quite a bit of trouble in fact. The long held belief regarding creative media industries is […]