The value of biometric data analytics for modern businesses

Biometrics for business security

Today, many businesses are operating in cyberspace, which has led to an increased demand for novel and effective ways to protect their assets and customer information from malicious actors. In many instances, security threats lurk within businesses and can cause significant financial and reputational damage.  According to studies, the majority of the security breaches are […]

Is data analytics the solution for a well-managed wholesale business?

Intelligent Wholesale Operations With SAS

The wholesale industry has been under strife with numerous obstacles in recent years; from rising tariffs on exports and shipping costs to the upturn in online business solutions.  Adapting and learning to manage operations in a way that is efficient and profitable is important in order to survive and grow in an increasingly challenging environment.  […]

How can big data analytics help businesses overcome cybersecurity challenges?

Big Data Analytics And Business Cybersecurity

Cybercrime has plagued the internet since its inception and over the years, cybercriminals have been becoming craftier, creating more complex cybersecurity threats. Businesses are one of the main targets of cybercrime. In Australia, cyber attacks cost businesses approximately $29 billion every year and many are left crippled and unable to recover. Fortunately, modern businesses have […]