Ridesharing apps and how they use data analytics

The wheel was one of mankind’s most important inventions. Ever since our ancestors started using wheels, our transportation methods have evolved rapidly.  The wheel and subsequent inventions thereafter have transformed transportation into what we know it to be today. In recent years, one of the most interesting evolutions in the transportation industry has been the […]

Can AWS configuration help us deploy better cloud-based analytics platforms?

AWS configuration

In the modern business environment, data analytics is the backbone of many businesses.  Today, it is the enabler of the managerial decision-making process; every decision you make, ranging from what to produce to how distribution channels should be set up, is based on insights produced by data analytics solutions. Your organisation, therefore, needs to invest […]

How data scientists can leverage power BI predictive analytics tools

power BI predictive analytics

Modern businesses collect astronomical amounts of data every single day. According to certain studies, businesses now collect more data in a single month than they did across the entire 2000s. Data collection at this level is not unwarranted either; businesses, today, rely on this data to make critical managerial decisions and improve the services and […]

What you need to consider before your SAS installation

SAS installation

Data analytics is a necessity in the modern business landscape. Whether large or small, all businesses rely on relevant streams of data to make good decisions across every function including sales, marketing, production, finance, and human resources. Today, there are many traditional ways of carrying out data analysis, including mathematical methods and modern data analysis […]