Data Analytics is impacting the hospitality industry – how?

Data analytics for hospitality

As the world continues to move towards greater connectivity and synchronisation, the role of data will continue to play an important role in facilitating this trend. Across many industries, data analytics has been a driving force behind businesses leveraging these trends in order to stay competitive and enjoy greater returns. The hospitality industry is no […]

How SAS software for insurance is transforming the industry

SAS software for insurance

Much has been said about the power of data analytics in the healthcare and insurance space. Insurance companies around the world have especially benefited from powerful data analytics technology like SAS software – enabling them to slash costs and prevent any unnecessary losses due to fraud. At the heart of the reason behind any organisation […]

SAS software for casinos – Turn the tables on your competition

SAS software for casinos

When it comes to gambling and casinos, the value of analytics might not always pop out immediately. However, when you think about it further, the role of analytics, specifically SAS software for casinos and the gaming industry at large, can be truly transformative. With an infinite number of patrons regularly visiting these establishments, both here […]

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