Leveraging social media analytics with SAS software

Social media analytics

The wealth of data being amassed on social networks has given rise to a new breed of monitoring and analysis tools designed to help companies listen in on and parse the cacophony of online conversations to unearth actionable information relevant to their businesses. Social media analytics software leverages posts and other text analytics capabilities in […]

The benefits of using big data analytics software

Leveraging big data analytics software

Big data analytics refers to the strategy of analysing large volumes of data or ‘big data’. This big data is gathered from a wide variety of sources, including social networks, videos, digital images, sensors, and sales transaction records. There’s one clear notion that differentiates big data analytics from other forms of analytics: the volume, scale, […]

Analytics platforms – when is it time to change yours?

SAS Administration

A barrage of changes in the world of data has sent organizations scrambling to manage their requirements through comprehensive analytics platforms. In this day and age, organisations are increasingly under competitive pressure to not only acquire customers but also understand their customers’ needs to be able to optimise customer experience and develop long-standing relationships. Data […]

Data analytics software for manufacturing companies

Data analytics software for manufacturing companies

The manufacturing sector is an industry that is in a constant state of improvement and innovation. With industry leaders always exploring the latest technology in pursuit of greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the role of data analytics software for manufacturing companies has grown significantly over the years. From effectively tracking a production cycle to inventory management […]

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