How does data analytics improve risk management for businesses?

data analytics improve risk management

Businesses face all kinds of threats and risks which can affect their performance. Some of these threats may be inevitable but businesses can identify these threats and fortify themselves against them through risk management.  The biggest threats an Australian business could face are from cybercrimes, a shift in the market and regulatory changes. Risk management […]

Jupyter with SAS Analytics Pro (cloud-native)

Jupyter with SAS Analytics Pro (cloud-native)

The new containerised version of SAS Analytics Pro from the SAS Institute opens up a world of possibilities for leveraging third-party technologies to enhance what is already a pretty powerful Data and Analytics platform. One of these technologies that has really taken off and helped Data Scientists take advantage of a unified programming experience regardless […]

How predictive analytics for human resources will enrich human capital

Predictive analytics for human resources

Data analytics is fast becoming a key business intelligence tool across industries.  With the power of data analytics tools, businesses can gain insights on how to enhance their business processes, reduce costs, and improve their customer experience. It’s safe to say that data analytics spans the breadth of all functions in a business. One data […]