SAS banking analytics – The key to simplifying compliance regulation in finance

SAS banking analytics

Regulations are like traffic lights. They are there for our protection but they can, nonetheless, slow down our momentum. If you work in the banking industry especially, you may have a better understanding of how regulation weighs heavily on financial organisations. From edicts on corporate governance to CCAR, there are plenty of rules banks need […]

How agricultural analytics can pave the way for sustainable farming practices

Agricultural analytics

If you look at some of the biggest concerns facing the farming industry, soil health, water use, and regenerative agriculture rank as top concerns in the industry. Archaic farming practices, like excessive use of fertilisers and using large volumes of water, are no longer seen as viable farming methods. To compensate, agribusinesses are turning to […]

Key data science modeling techniques used in data evaluation and analysis

data science modeling techniques

We always talk about how data analytics platforms can generate the necessary insights organisations need to optimise business operations. But, we seldom dive into the modeling techniques data analysts use to breakdown data and generate useful insights.There are several modeling techniques at an analyst’s disposal, but in the interest of time, we are only going […]