AI and data analytics – What is the connection

Learn about how AI and Data Analytics are connected

AI and data analytics have been used in conjunction for some time, to the point where people rarely distinguish between the two terms. However, as data analytics and AI capabilities become more widespread and applied to different business operations like marketing and supply, it’s essential to understand the difference between the two and what role […]

In-memory processing: The next step in data analytics and BI

Learn about real-time large data processing with in-memory processing is the next big thing in data analytics and BI - learn the latest in data with Selerity

In-memory processing represents the next step in data analytics and BI. With companies processing terabytes of data, it is important to invest in technology that can process large data sets, quickly. Sadly, traditional disk-based processing is no longer up to the task. While processing large data sets is manageable, the process is slow, inefficient and […]

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