The Role of Predictive Analytics Software in Drug Development

Predictive analytics software plays a huge role in the pharmaceutical industry's success. Read more here.

The pharmaceutical industry brings us several benefits, including new drugs, so we can lead healthier and better lives, but the industry is not without it’s a fair share of problems. Duplicating workflow, multiple data sources and the risk associated with new drug discovery are just some of the problems the industry has to overcome in […]

How to Measure and Maximise your Analytics Investment

It is safe to say that data analytics investment is key for any business to thrive on the modern market. But not without measuring the right KPIs and other key factors. Discover great tips here.

Investing in data analytics is the key to improving business prospects. With the right analytics platform, organisations can transform the way they work, making smarter decisions, improving insights and eliminating inefficient processes. However, to make the most out of their data analytics platform, organisations need to know how to maximise their investment and set the […]

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