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Ansible for SAS configuration management

SAS installation is an incredibly complex process, it's always best to get professional help in setting up your SAS configuration management.

SAS installation and environment configuration management can be an incredibly complex process that comprises multiple configuration options. These options have the ability to affect every aspect of an analytics environment and SAS configuration management, from performance to security. With the help of expert SAS installers and administrators, many organisations leveraging SAS software are often provided […]

SAS Installation Services – why should you consider them?

SAS software is a very poweful analytics software and proper SAS installation plays a huge part in its success - learn why it is significant.

SAS provides a wide array of analytics platforms, applications, and services that can significantly transform the insights organisations gain access to and how they operate. Across the world, SAS software is being leveraged by countless organisations and many of these services are being facilitated by SAS’ vast network of SAS software partners. Among the key […]