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Jupyter with SAS Analytics Pro (cloud-native)

Jupyter with SAS Analytics Pro (cloud-native)

The new containerised version of SAS Analytics Pro from the SAS Institute opens up a world of possibilities for leveraging third-party technologies to enhance what is already a pretty powerful Data and Analytics platform. One of these technologies that has really taken off and helped Data Scientists take advantage of a unified programming experience regardless […]

What you need to consider before your SAS installation

SAS installation

Data analytics is a necessity in the modern business landscape. Whether large or small, all businesses rely on relevant streams of data to make good decisions across every function including sales, marketing, production, finance, and human resources. Today, there are many traditional ways of carrying out data analysis, including mathematical methods and modern data analysis […]

SAS installation services for custom SAS environments

SAS installation services are extremely tricky and troublesome, and to create your ideal environment you should seek help from specialists.

As a SAS Silver partner and a company that has worked with countless customers from around the world, our SAS installation services have been one of our most sought out services. From helping small organisations kick their analytics off at their infancy to supporting large organisations within the insurance and higher education segments, our team […]

SAS services – 4 game-changing insights you can expect

Many businesses are turning to SAS services as a means of optimising their analytics. Here are a few insights they facilitate!

With SAS software paving the way as one of the world’s leading analytics platforms, many organisations are experiencing unprecedented benefits from the data they are collating. From strengthening visibility into employee performance to product/service movement analytics to supporting anti-fraud/AML initiatives, SAS software has streamlined organisational analytics like never before. To complement this powerful analytics platform, […]