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Why cloud for analytics is the future of data collection and analysis

Cloud for analytics

One of the biggest concerns most businesses have when it comes to adopting analytics platforms is the cost and scale often needed to make full use of the platforms. While these concerns are understandable, there are no longer the stifling limitations they used to be because of cloud for analytics. Cloud-based analytics platforms have become […]

Breaking down barriers with SAS cloud solutions

SAS cloud solutions

The future of data and analytics is in the cloud, according to Gartner Research. It predicts that by 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90 per cent of data and analytics innovation. This acceleration to the cloud is evident with analytics solutions: Thirty-four per cent of organisations use cloud-based solutions, but 71% of […]

What could discourage organisations from adopting an analytics cloud platform?

With the world forced indoors by COVID-19, businesses need to find ways improve their product - our solution, analytics cloud platform.

An analytics cloud platform is a vital asset for any business. With the world forced indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations need to find ways to meet their data analytics needs, and many analytics providers have stepped up to the plate. For example, SAS uses deployment patterns like containers and Kubernetes to orchestrate and […]