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Jupyter with SAS Analytics Pro (cloud-native)

Jupyter with SAS Analytics Pro (cloud-native)

The new containerised version of SAS Analytics Pro from the SAS Institute opens up a world of possibilities for leveraging third-party technologies to enhance what is already a pretty powerful Data and Analytics platform. One of these technologies that has really taken off and helped Data Scientists take advantage of a unified programming experience regardless […]

Can AWS configuration help us deploy better cloud-based analytics platforms?

AWS configuration

In the modern business environment, data analytics is the backbone of many businesses.  Today, it is the enabler of the managerial decision-making process; every decision you make, ranging from what to produce to how distribution channels should be set up, is based on insights produced by data analytics solutions. Your organisation, therefore, needs to invest […]

Should businesses move data analytics to the cloud?

What do you think both wildebeest and modern businesses have in common? If your answer is migration, that’s correct.  The migration of modern businesses to the cloud is somewhat similar to the migration of herds of wildebeest, million-strong, to the Serengeti. On both occasions, the migration occurs for one specific reason: survival. Modern businesses rely […]

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