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Jupyter with SAS Analytics Pro (cloud-native)

Jupyter with SAS Analytics Pro (cloud-native)

The new containerised version of SAS Analytics Pro from the SAS Institute opens up a world of possibilities for leveraging third-party technologies to enhance what is already a pretty powerful Data and Analytics platform. One of these technologies that has really taken off and helped Data Scientists take advantage of a unified programming experience regardless […]

How SAS training courses can supercharge your data analytics capabilities

SAS training courses

According to Jobsite, in the first quarter of 2020, job postings requiring SAS analytics skills increased by 31%. Another recruitment site reported that SAS Analytics skills are predicted to grow by 4.1% over the next decade.  These statistics show an increasing demand trend for SAS Analytics skills in the job market, which is a […]

How can a SAS-certified analytics professional help your business?

SAS-certified analytics professional

Over the last two decades, as digital technologies became more prominent, many organisations shifted their focus to optimising their service delivery methods and internal operations to reflect modern business requirements. One of the primary ways businesses did this was through the adoption of advanced analytics tools. Although commercial entities integrated data analytics into their operations, […]

Cracking down on insurance fraud with SAS Detection and Investigation

SAS Detection and Investigation

The insurance industry is one of the most important industries in an economy-not only does it provide a respite for individuals when they face financial losses, medical expenses, or retirement, but it also helps governments finance development initiatives to keep the economy stable. In addition, insurance payments prevent businesses from bankruptcy and help keep essential […]

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