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How to accelerate the rate of findings with data analytics software tools

data analytics software tools

Due to the pandemic, public and private organisations are relying on data analytics software tools to complete objectives. Several organisations are now turning to analytics tools to act as a lamp post during a very uncertain time. Given its importance, organisations need to ensure they are making the most of their analytics investment. Accelerating the […]

How to protect your audit trail in a SAS environment

When auditing a SAS environment, a critical requirement for administrators is to create internal policies to reduce data risks, here's why.

Every industry uses a version of an audit trail when providing in-depth historical records. Audit trails are records that chronologically catalogue events or procedures. These trails provide proof-of-compliance and operational integrity. The audit trail essentially provides a “baseline” for analysis or an audit when initiating an investigation. The purpose or importance of an audit trail […]

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