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How SAS analytics uses machine learning to power data analysis

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Organisations have always trusted SAS analytics platforms to handle large volumes of data and complex functions. Machine learning has been an integral part of SAS platforms and a huge reason why SAS platforms have performed so well (along with deep learning). Machine learning distinguishes itself from other data analytics platforms by its ability to learn […]

How SAS Custom Macro make feature engineering easier

1. One Hot Encoding There are many different definitions for one-hot encoding on the internet. In general words, it is the process of converting categorical variables into binary form (1’s and 0’s), which can be fed into machine learning, deep learning, and statistical algorithms to make better predictions or improve the efficiency of the ML/DL/Statistical […]

How machine learning improves business intelligence

Machine learning helps boost the productivity and efficiency of business intelliegence. Read about how ML brings out the best of BI here.

Machine learning (ML) refers to a software application that learns processes from past data much like how a human would learn. ML integrates into and augments business intelligence (BI), an expansive software that collects and analyses business data to deliver better insight into company operations. BI is vast, comprising several applications like predictive analytics, data […]