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What are the benefits of data analytics in manufacturing and how does it improve product quality?

benefits of data analytics in manufacturing

In the truest sense of the word, manufacturing is the engine of the world economy. In fact, the manufacturing industry is one of the most valuable industries to any economy.  For example, the GDP of the two largest manufacturing hubs in the world, China and the USA, had contributions of $4 trillion and $2.3 trillion […]

How big data analytics platforms in manufacturing optimises production

big data analytics platforms in manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has always thrived, thanks to the right technology and tools.  During the 1800s, the industry thrived due to the development of machinery. Now, as the fourth industrial age takes over, we are seeing the advent of new technology that can boost productivity and remove traditional obstacles preventing the industry from reaching its […]

How advanced analytics leads to smart power management

Leverage the power of advanced analytics to predict future trends and help achieve smart power management.

With dwindling resources and rising costs of energy, organisations are looking for ways to manage their power usage. The phenomenon is known as smart energy management, and it refers to technology that enables organisations to use power more efficiently. Big data and advanced analytics play a huge role in intelligent energy management. In this blog, […]