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The Role of Predictive Analytics Software in Drug Development

Predictive analytics software plays a huge role in the pharmaceutical industry's success. Read more here.

The pharmaceutical industry brings us several benefits, including new drugs, so we can lead healthier and better lives, but the industry is not without it’s a fair share of problems. Duplicating workflow, multiple data sources and the risk associated with new drug discovery are just some of the problems the industry has to overcome in […]

Clinical data mining to predict patient diagnoses

Clinical data mining

The healthcare industry is among the most information-intensive industries out there. Medical information, knowledge, and clinical data mining keep growing on a daily basis. The sheer volume of healthcare data is growing at an astronomical rate. It’s estimated that 153 exabytes (one exabyte = one billion gigabytes) were produced in 2013 and an estimated 2,314 […]

How SAS software for insurance is transforming the industry

SAS software for insurance

Much has been said about the power of data analytics in the healthcare and insurance space. Insurance companies around the world have especially benefited from powerful data analytics technology like SAS software – enabling them to slash costs and prevent any unnecessary losses due to fraud. At the heart of the reason behind any organisation […]

SAS Services – Adding Value to the Healthcare Sector

SAS Services in the Healthcare Sector

Over the years technology and analytics giant, SAS, has supported and catered to the various needs of organisations across multiple industries. From aviation to insurance to education, and healthcare, SAS services have delivered game-changing insights to many. Data and analytics for any organisation across any segment, irrespective of size, have proven to be a vital […]