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What role does data science play in the energy sector?

Data Science In The Energy Sector

The energy industry is the driving force behind the modern economy. Every industry relies on the energy industry to function without interruption.  Today, energy consumption has reached an all-time high. According to industry reports, Australian businesses use up to $20.2 billion on electricity every year; this is the equivalent of using 154,439 gigawatt-hours of electricity. […]

Data analytics tools helping energy markets

Data analytics tools provide efficient energy analytics to help corporations harness the best out of their assets - learn how they work here.

Energy powers industry, businesses and day-to-day lives. With the introduction of application sensors, wireless transmission, network communication and cloud computing, the energy sector is booming with a constant influx of valuable data. Data analytics tools provide efficient energy analytics to harness the nuances of the data produced by various energy sectors and employ it more […]