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What role does data science play in the energy sector?

Data Science In The Energy Sector

The energy industry is the driving force behind the modern economy. Every industry relies on the energy industry to function without interruption.  Today, energy consumption has reached an all-time high. According to industry reports, Australian businesses use up to $20.2 billion on electricity every year; this is the equivalent of using 154,439 gigawatt-hours of electricity. […]

How data science can help the fishing industry improve its sustainability

Data science to help improve fishing industry

An ever-increasing global population, a market based on supply and demand, and a culture based on profit have strained our relationship with the environment.  Today, we no longer just take what’s needed, but more than can be replenished sustainably. The consequences of our actions are reaching an irreversible point, and it’s only now that most […]

How data science modelling techniques can improve business performance

data science modelling techniques

Data is the most important asset for modern organisations as it helps us achieve various objectives in the most efficient way possible. Today, data helps decision-makers understand the relationship between business processes and results. In this way, the right data is paramount to making better business decisions. Understanding raw data, however, is just as hard […]

Key data science modeling techniques used in data evaluation and analysis

data science modeling techniques

We always talk about how data analytics platforms can generate the necessary insights organisations need to optimise business operations. But, we seldom dive into the modeling techniques data analysts use to breakdown data and generate useful insights.There are several modeling techniques at an analyst’s disposal, but in the interest of time, we are only going […]

Why SAS business solutions are the top choice for data science and analytics

SAS business solutions

Technology is developing at a breakneck pace, and analytics is no exception. While SAS business solutions are still the leading analytics platform for most major organisations, other languages have started to make significant inroads into the market, as well. However, there is no denying that SAS is still the preferred choice for most organisations. In […]