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How predictive analytics for human resources will enrich human capital

Predictive analytics for human resources

Data analytics is fast becoming a key business intelligence tool across industries.  With the power of data analytics tools, businesses can gain insights on how to enhance their business processes, reduce costs, and improve their customer experience. It’s safe to say that data analytics spans the breadth of all functions in a business. One data […]

The role of predictive analytics in the insurance industry

Predictive analytics in insurance

Apart from the banking industry, insurance is perhaps the most critical sector in an economy. It provides businesses and individuals protection against financial risks and helps the government finance development projects without borrowing high-interest loans from local and foreign banks.  It is no surprise then, that governments encourage citizens to invest in insurance policies, to […]

How data scientists can leverage power BI predictive analytics tools

power BI predictive analytics

Modern businesses collect astronomical amounts of data every single day. According to certain studies, businesses now collect more data in a single month than they did across the entire 2000s. Data collection at this level is not unwarranted either; businesses, today, rely on this data to make critical managerial decisions and improve the services and […]

How predictive analytics can help businesses create a successful marketing strategy

successful marketing strategy with predictive analytics

To make your products or services successful in the market, you need to know how to market them.  Predicting market trends, however, is easier said than done. Trends and customer preferences vary with time—the market is never set in stone. That said, marketers can tackle this dynamic market by using the power of predictive data […]

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